segaman TUMOG
Jan 06, 08 12:23am
Hey, I'm just runnin' around and signing people's guestbooks. How's it goin'? Have a nice day and enjoy your video games and whatever else you do for fun!

See ya later, buddy!

PS: Hit me back!
Lyrikal_Retorik TUMOG
Aug 01, 07 4:18am
Hey man, how ya doin?

You always been the coolest kid I know...

LIke the first day at AUGS...eating lunch with your tray on your lap

That was funny

BIG LIPS!...ah...

Take it easy man.

I hope to keep in touch with you as life goes on.

0Zero0 TUMOG
Jan 14, 07 3:50am

xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
Azn_Applecake TUMOG
Aug 14, 06 1:26am
I'm Randomly signing peoples guestbooks so they will sign back...

Please sign back!

LinkMaster03 TUMOG
Apr 09, 06 4:49pm
Hey, I'm just dropping by to say hi! We haven't talked in a while.. I get bored sometimes, PM me when you have the chance! Sign back please!

Neo Master TUMOG
Dec 20, 05 1:48am
Might be a bit early for a holiday greeting, but I'll do it now so I won't forget later. Happy Holidays. I have no stamp, sorry.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from, Neo Master

DenniseA TUMOG
Dec 12, 05 2:38am

xix Happy Holidays xix

Hoping you have the merriest Christmas!

!~Be naughty and save Santa the trip =3 lol

Chaos Android17 TUMOG
Dec 03, 05 10:35pm

Hi! Remember me? No? Well, that... Stinks. Yes? Cool! I'm back, and crazier than ever! If we're ever online at the same time, give me a PM or sumthin and we'll talk, kay?

Note: We may have already been in contact since my actual return, but pretend this is out of the blue, okay? I'm not sure who knows and who doesn't know though, so this'll be popping up on most, if not all, of my signings... Hum...

Oct 12, 05 8:56pm

Sep 06, 05 8:38pm

YAYAYAY wha CHANG!!!1 for you! I thought to myself, why not go on a spree?
wha CHANG!!! iz tha greatest saying since Roffling a Woffle too!

From my favorite turtle and yours,

Shadow Kirby TUMOG
Sep 03, 05 5:03am
alright..... [img] homie/Graphics/Requests/Shadow Kirby.jpa
Neo Master TUMOG
Aug 28, 05 8:41pm

'Gratz, from Neo Master.

Not from,
sheik08 TUMOG
Aug 23, 05 5:22pm

Heh, just got a new stamp and went on a signing spree, see you later. =D
black ied peas TUMOG
Aug 21, 05 12:07am
I'm just going around signing GB's so heres a stamp.Just remember to return the favor^_^

Hope you like it^_^
gamer_girl22 TUMOG
Aug 16, 05 3:07am
Hey! Just randomly decided to sign ur guestbook. Here is my stamp:

DenniseA TUMOG
Aug 14, 05 11:20pm
Meh lazeh and bored XD haven't signed in a while >=[

Wheee~! all RED XD

Here you go do teh spinning chair thingy XD
WARNING: Thise might lead to a whole bunch of diziness X3

Den-den ^-^
sheik08 TUMOG
Aug 12, 05 8:03pm

Asian Pride Brother. XD

This is all so awkward.
Full Metal TUMOG
Aug 09, 05 8:34pm
You have now been added to my bitch list.


-K peace
Aug 05, 05 7:03am
Finally finished my Nintendo DS stamp which I was making. >=D

Hope ya like it. See ya around. =D

PS: That iPod stamp owns.

SunnyDelight TUMOG
Aug 03, 05 9:23pm
I almost got as much GB pages as you. Anyway I hoplike my stamp since I thought I signed yours.
j_fire11 TUMOG
Aug 02, 05 8:18am
YAY for Anime!!

Manga rox too

I love FMA and Inyuyasha, UP WITH ADULT SWIM!!
LinkMaster03 TUMOG
Jul 12, 05 3:20pm
Thanks for the 4th Of July message. I wasn't here to wish you a happy 4th Of July, I was cruisin' on my uncle's boat in Ohio!

Happy BELATED 4th Of July.
Neo Master TUMOG
Jul 11, 05 4:47am
OMG. I'm on. It's been like a week. Anyway I went to Vancouver and around the east coast. I'm too lazy to type the whole trip. Maybe I will in AIM or something.

Anyway nice avatar you got there. I remember that, but quite vaguely. Thanks for signing my guestbook for 4th of July. Here's a little return:


Alright, see ya on AIM and stuff. Oh yeah, and I might get XBL some time soon. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

P.S. I thought sheik08 left?

Not from,
sheik08 TUMOG
Jul 09, 05 5:27am
Guestbook Signing? Guess So!

And here's one where Droid and Eureka jacked off on. ^^

Enjoy. ^^