TKDJohnofVG shared a link
Sep 10, 15 1:04am

Not sure if this was brought up already at some point, but it seems a while back that an interview with Masuda done on an ita

Sep 10, 15 12:32am
Just saw the trailer to Pokémon GO... things just got interesting
May 21, 15 11:28pm
New Mystery Dunegon!!! Team Star Force will rise once again...
TKDJohnofVG shared a forum thread
Apr 08, 15 10:43pm

Seeing as how we're already on our second one with Mega Blastiose, might as well hear what people think of them they s

TKDJohnofVG shared a forum thread
Nov 13, 14 12:55pm

this should be the full list of songs now, otherwise there being more than 346 songs would just be crazy :X https://www.yout

Nov 12, 14 11:27pm
Just beat the normal part of Sonic 3D Blast in one sitting... will tackle Final Fight another time SonicMegaCollection
TKDJohnofVG shared a forum thread
Nov 09, 14 8:06pm

The theme that's present in the Menu song, Battlefield & Final Destination, and maybe even the credits... can be cons

TKDJohnofVG shared a link
Oct 16, 14 11:55pm now it's on version

Oct 03, 14 11:43pm
Yay I'm improving, says my supervisor...
Sep 30, 14 9:26pm
Oh hey, the next set of Funimation One Piece episodes are being released on DVD today...
Sep 17, 14 8:49am
anyone wanna add me on iOS Game Center? XBOX LIVE? Steam?
Sep 16, 14 11:13am
Huh... my workplace is on a training spree, now I won't be the newest person there
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