Seeing as how we're already on our second one with Mega Blastiose, might as well hear what people think of them they s

this should be the full list of songs now, otherwise there being more than 346 songs would just be crazy :X https://www.yout

Just beat the normal part of Sonic 3D Blast in one sitting... will tackle Final Fight another time SonicMegaCollection GC

The theme that's present in the Menu song, Battlefield & Final Destination, and maybe even the credits... can be cons now it's on version

Yay I'm improving, says my supervisor...
Oh hey, the next set of Funimation One Piece episodes are being released on DVD today...
anyone wanna add me on iOS Game Center? XBOX LIVE? Steam?
Huh... my workplace is on a training spree, now I won't be the newest person there
It's too HOT!!!
Why am I so addicted to iOS games about Dragons :X
I would put down "found a suitable avatar" but this is getting to be too much like Facebook...
Woo hired! Start training this Monday!
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