anyone wanna add me on iOS Game Center? XBOX LIVE? Steam?
Huh... my workplace is on a training spree, now I won't be the newest person there
It's too HOT!!!
Why am I so addicted to iOS games about Dragons :X
I would put down "found a suitable avatar" but this is getting to be too much like Facebook...
Woo hired! Start training this Monday!
96 degrees Fahrenheit today...
While waiting for the electronics store I applied at to get my drug test results, the stationary store I applied to last month called back
as of Aug 25th, Smash Bros. 3DS will be released in just 19 days
another interview coming up... nervous wreck right now :S
First ever job interview... went rather well :D
trying out BlueStacks... pretty pleased
R.I.P. Robin Williams :(
WTF is going on with JonTron?
looking to join a group in Clash of Clans
ooh... Thunderstorm
Finished. Jury Duty... don't have to go back for another 3 years
First Jury Duty service and was assigned to a case :\ atm matches from Wii U game are streaming, they will start the 3DS tourney soon

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