9/10 best fifa game out so far FIFASoccer10 DS
10/10 Once again another amazing game just like fallout 3 :D FalloutNewVegas PC
9/10 great game tons of stuff to do RedDeadRedemption PS3
8/10 pretty good but too much talking :L MassEffect X360
9/10 pretty good multiplayer but campaign (even thought good) is wayyy to short. CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 X360
8/10 billions of guns! great fun with another player, sometimes the mass spawning of enemies can get annoying :@ and the storyplot is shit Borderlands PC
Check out my youtube channel Username: thompsonjpk
Check out my youtube channel Username: thompsonjpk
8/10 since i found this game amazing when i was like 9 me and my mates always played it round each other houses :) good 'ol times lol PokemonRed GBC
7/10 i found it a cool film when i was 11 since i had a fascination with tornados and storms and stuff for sum reason Twister
6/10 weird and random but some bits are funny EpicMovie
10/10 one word lol! oh wait that's three.. Superbad
10/10 amazing game i got roughly 180+ hours gameplay out of it :P Fallout3 PC
9/10 just love it :P still not as good as the orginals Fable2 X360
6/10 i prefer gt2 to be honest GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
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