Xeros the Slayer
Oct 25, 15 4:14am

quote THM
Don't worry, there's a market called 'hardcore portable gamers'....
That's the 3DS now.... read more

Oct 06, 15 7:21am

quote THM
Highly likely....No reasonable person would pay the same game in HD with a full price...
I... read more

Oct 02, 15 8:37am

quote THM
Is it like 'Doom 3'?
Not at all. read more

Sep 30, 15 1:06am

quote THM
Getting tired of seeing Dragons in every RPG games...Need some aliens...
How about Alien Dragons??? read more

Sep 24, 15 11:34am

quote THM
To be honest, I kind of more enjoyed The Last of Us than I had for Uncharted series.
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Sep 24, 15 12:35am

quote THM
Is it DX 12?
Yes, the GTX 980 supports DX12. read more

Sep 23, 15 3:51pm

quote THM
At least Konami can re-master classics Contra 1 and 2 and 3. They should have made money...
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Sep 18, 15 9:09am

quote THM
So, it is like Megaman or bomberman?
It's made from the original Megaman creator. read more

Sep 13, 15 11:28am

quote THM
Is it like Gradius?
It's not a scrolling shooter. read more

Aug 09, 15 1:46am

quote THM
Looks like Final Fantasy?
Which one? read more

Jul 27, 15 10:16am
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Jul 16, 15 3:24pm

quote THM
Is it like GTAV?
But with GOATS. read more

Jul 10, 15 3:33pm

quote THM
Too cartoonish.....
This is a Lego game.... read more

Jul 07, 15 12:45pm

quote THM
CEO ass promotion = minimum time in development. Games industry needs to stop that!!
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Jun 21, 15 2:30am

quote THM
I've been waiting for oceans of time for a new 'Project Zero', aka 'Fatal Frame'....
NoA... read more

Jun 19, 15 6:05am

quote THM
He looks younger than in 'Absolution'....
Yeah they're going for an Agent 47 in his prime... read more

May 16, 15 2:18am

Good luck! =3 read more

May 15, 15 11:08am

kick ass, THM! read more

Tommy Vercetti
May 15, 15 8:34am

quote THM
Withe the poor performance of MG: Ground Zero; they won't survive long...
Yeah I don't... read more

Apr 27, 15 12:20pm

quote THM
quote DedValve
quote Mary
"In my restless dreams,
I see that town.

Silent Hill.

You promised...
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Apr 18, 15 1:48am

quote THM
In the absence of any good games, it is not hard for BF: Hardline to get to top.
i thought... read more

Apr 04, 15 7:00pm

Nice! How's it compare to the other Gears games? read more

Mar 08, 15 4:52pm
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Dark Dom
Feb 10, 15 6:50pm

quote THM
What about with the dual stick attachment for 3DS XL?
Nope. New 3DS exclusive. More to do... read more