Sep 26, 16 8:03pm

the original? read more

Jul 22, 16 9:31am

quote THM
quote Tommy Vercetti
quote THM
I'm a bit fishy about it...Why so early?
What's so fishy...
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Jul 11, 16 1:26pm

quote THM
I still trust my PlayStation 4....
Which one? The now admitted weak original or the new... read more

May 15, 16 1:30am

quote THM
Age of Empire clone???
Civ is NOT Age of Empires. Trust the word of a massive original age of empires fan. read more

C Falcon
May 3, 16 2:16am

quote THM
I kind of wanna collect GB Color games from now on, it's my first collection, Oh, I don't...
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May 2, 16 8:31am

Oh! Makes sense now. Alright, no problem! Have fun. read more

Mar 13, 16 12:01pm

quote THM
Question is: Is it better than 'Alan Wake'?
Apart from Remedy's mark, both being third... read more

Feb 19, 16 9:37am

quote THM
I won't buy Fallout 4 unless the whole game in disc is under $5!!!!!!!!!
Whats the matter... read more

Feb 19, 16 3:09am

quote THM
I've never played 'System Shock' before......
D: read more

Feb 17, 16 5:50am

Which part? I can't remember fighting the tyrant outside of the plane, unless you mean that part... read more

Freewind Rider
Feb 12, 16 5:07pm

aww shit yeah!

quote THM
maybe in the same way alan wake was where each level was sort of... read more

Feb 8, 16 4:59pm

You travelled to the future to play PES 2016 back in 2006? How did you manage to get a time machine read more

Jan 28, 16 12:29pm

I was thinking of picking it up on Steam. That Wesker mode looks like fun! read more

Jan 17, 16 9:24pm
added THM as a friend
Jan 17, 16 1:19pm

Nice! Not quite February yet, here =p read more

Tommy Vercetti
Jan 8, 16 1:12pm

quote THM
It will go bankrupt in this shitty US and Aus economies.
A product backed by Facebook, not likely. read more

Dec 6, 15 11:16am

quote THM
Who the F$%$ care? Kojima, with or without invitation by Konami is already a famous...
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Nov 30, 15 12:37am

Is it good? Not really a fan of AC after the broken games they've been releasing but I got it free... read more

Xeros the Slayer
Oct 25, 15 4:14am

quote THM
Don't worry, there's a market called 'hardcore portable gamers'....
That's the 3DS now.... read more

Oct 6, 15 7:21am

quote THM
Highly likely....No reasonable person would pay the same game in HD with a full price...
I... read more

Oct 2, 15 8:37am

quote THM
Is it like 'Doom 3'?
Not at all. read more

Sep 30, 15 1:06am

quote THM
Getting tired of seeing Dragons in every RPG games...Need some aliens...
How about Alien Dragons??? read more