I've had an intention to play some games since I had bought my Android tablet two years ago, but... read more

is playing Assassin's Creed: Unity.

Over 50GB download undermined the Halo Collection. read more

is playing 'Wolfenstein: The New Order'.

500-700 words is too little should be 3000 words or above!!! read more

Already finished GoW Collection; Ratchet & Clank is on my target. read more

is playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

A new 3DS is coming, does it have a free mini SD card?? read more

is playing CoD: Advanced Warfare.

I'm looking forward to PlayStation 4 Holiday Guide along with PSVita Holiday Guide?? read more

At this price, I'd rather go for CASIO good ones than this shit.... read more

guessing for game lists :)
has finished 'The Evil Within' in 26 hours :)

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Still the same game though...
Who said that?!?! Was it you string-bean?
Some... read more

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Still the same game though...
You're such a negative nancy.
We're... read more

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If only the graphics wasn't cartoonish....
Don't let that hold you back....
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