100% on Normal mode. Fun game and highly recommended for all Star Ocean fans StarOceanTheSecondStory PSX
Farming is so tough in this game :P Very hard to 100% all titles (unless you have 400 hours to spare :) PhantasyStarPortable PSP
Great game. Completed bestiary, collected all ultimate weapons, Genji equipment, etc. FinalFantasy2Import NES
100% Could level more, but no need as I completed everything. ValhallaKnights PSP
Completed all quests and defeated Metatron and Onba. Valhalla Knights, here I come! BraveStoryNewTraveler PSP
Missed a few books to get the final two accessories in the game but either then that, 100% TheLegendOfHeroesATearOfVermillion PSP
Great game. Diablo 2 style of leveling. TalesOfTheWorldRadiantMythology PSP
Completed all quests and have gained access to every enemy the bestiary, and have defeated Metatron and the final boss. BraveStoryNewTraveler PSP

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