Just saw the news on Serebii and there's a hidden clue in one of the images. Check out the image below. It refers to l

Before X & Y werre releqsed there was a lot of speculation about what the titles were based on. Some suggested it was abo

Usually my daily finds of fossils, ore etc give me around 20-24,000 depending on how many I find. Recently the prices hav

Contests were one of the best new features of Gen 3's Ruby/Sapphire. It introduced the option to play the game as a Pokem

Hi all, Not a fan of Pokemon breeding so looking for an expert breeder to trade me a perfect mon. Looking for a Jolly F

Been wondering something about the upcoming features for a while now but haven't seen anything written about it. Anyb

So my town has a notice saying there will be a meteor shower tonight :) Is this something that's happening to everyone

Has anyone else noticed what's happened with TMs in X and Y for the first time? _All TMs from 1-100 are available in X

So I went into one of those office building in Lumiose North blvd, the one with the Kanto dojo guy on 3rd floor, went to 2nd

Got my 100% approval rating in just 3 days after buying the game :) Been wondering if a any point in the future I'm go

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