You beat me fair and square in that Brawl tourney. You get my Brawl thread header as a reward.

Happy B-Day Tiddlez. Now Your 14, like me.

Hope you like the picture, she's cute!

That was something I guess. Oh and I should be filling up space, but I can't so I'll go digging through Photobucket.

Aha, found it.

Thanks for being the first to sign my guestbook and for being a good Leader/cool guy.

hope to brawl you more.
lol u r a great friend. now bow to the power of hurricane ike


I lost my normal stamp... Get back to you on that.
Thanks for signing my Guest Book! Wanted to sign the guest book of one of my favorite leaders.

Don't complain aout the stamp. I made it.

You're a really cool guy.

Hope to see you around the forums. Keep up the great work as leader of DoT.

-Chaos Crusader
Hey TDL =D You stamp me, I stamp you ^^ Also because you are an awesome friend and a great leader of DoT =D

Are you enjoying the cold?
i have a new stamp now O: you are the first to get this... SO FEEL SPECIAL.... NOW O:<

yeah... its maebara keiichi ^-^
freaking epic... right? right? RIGHT?!?!
yeah... you know it
I ish gunna stamp ur Guestbook Cuz u ish a great keep up the good work! ^.^

Hey wouold u hug her....Uh,I wouldnt..0.0
Thanks for helping with this stamp. I'm sure you expected me to sign your guestbook.

Now I'm off to corrupt more guestbooks!!!

from: Sixth Sense
to: TDL12344

Hey there TDL. Glad to see you signed my guestbook, just never noticed. Have a good summer holiday.

- Sixth Sense
lolol now look what you did O:<

now i has to sign joo O:<< with ma latest toonie stamp of 1337ness...look...HE ISH IN HIS PJS

no toonie end siggy for joo :3
signing peoples guestbooks great job being the leader of Dawn of Twilight and a great friend!

Keep Kool

Thanks for the stamp, I finally stamped with your stamp you made.

In a good way

hello leader.

Have a good now.
I always pictured us dancing together (No homo ). Thanks for being a good friend. I will be awaiting for your stamp with my name on it.
hello buddy

guess what i'm signing your guestbook. I only really said that though cause i don't know what else to say XD

anywho your a great friend and i hope to brawl you someday

seya on the forums
Thank you for this stamp. Well I found the pic, you just put the writing. lol Anyways, it's better then the other one and once again thank you.

See ya around.

I lied. I do have a stamp but without the "You have been stamped by SC0RPIUS" >_>

Behind you!!!! Behind you!! Oh...too late. X_X
Hey TDL12344 u dont no me yet but u will now that im member of mos so i hopfully will see you on the brawl filed,and thanks again for letting me join. Rockin roxas

Thanks for signing my guestbook. I was rushing a bit, so all I did was put some text on a picture of Haruhi.

Anyways, thanks for being a great leader of the March of Swords, and being helpful and interactive. ^^

~*SOS Brigade : Haruhi Suzumiya*~
Hey dude, just wanted to sign ur guestbook, thanking you for the nice things ya said 'bout me in your profile, and I'm glad I got to know you. Hope we still keep talkin 'n' brawlin!

Thanks for letting me know how to stamp, too!

~Inuyasha Ownz~

Hey there! I've seen you in the Brawl forum...and I know one thing, at least, you like Don't Stop Believin', which is obviously a plus.

I be stamping your GB, now.

See you around, man.

~ Laurel
Just like when u asked meh who my fav char was, i asked u your fave element! so here esh ur stamp

The Dawn Witch Lucia!