onilink79 TDL12344
Nov 27, 08 2:58am
You beat me fair and square in that Brawl tourney. You get my Brawl thread header as a reward.

XboxOmac TDL12344
Nov 23, 08 9:19am
Happy B-Day Tiddlez. Now Your 14, like me.

Hope you like the picture, she's cute!
Onocron TDL12344
Nov 03, 08 12:59am

That was something I guess. Oh and I should be filling up space, but I can't so I'll go digging through Photobucket.

Aha, found it.
Gamerlover TDL12344
Sep 13, 08 8:36pm

Thanks for being the first to sign my guestbook and for being a good Leader/cool guy.

hope to brawl you more.
Sep 06, 08 7:39am
lol u r a great friend. now bow to the power of hurricane ike

Twilit Sheep TDL12344
Aug 22, 08 12:37am

I lost my normal stamp... Get back to you on that.
Chaos Crusader TDL12344
Aug 15, 08 7:43pm
Thanks for signing my Guest Book! Wanted to sign the guest book of one of my favorite leaders.

Don't complain aout the stamp. I made it.

You're a really cool guy.

Hope to see you around the forums. Keep up the great work as leader of DoT.

-Chaos Crusader
Zeta TDL12344
Jul 14, 08 4:10pm
Hey TDL =D You stamp me, I stamp you ^^ Also because you are an awesome friend and a great leader of DoT =D

Are you enjoying the cold?
Princess Midna TDL12344
Jul 14, 08 3:18am
i have a new stamp now O: you are the first to get this... SO FEEL SPECIAL.... NOW O:<

yeah... its maebara keiichi ^-^
freaking epic... right? right? RIGHT?!?!
yeah... you know it
Kirby Kun TDL12344
Jul 14, 08 1:45am
I ish gunna stamp ur Guestbook Cuz u ish a great leader...so keep up the good work! ^.^

Hey wouold u hug her....Uh,I wouldnt..0.0
Sc0rpius TDL12344
Jul 11, 08 2:15am
Thanks for helping with this stamp. I'm sure you expected me to sign your guestbook.

Now I'm off to corrupt more guestbooks!!!
sixthsense TDL12344
Jun 28, 08 11:17pm

from: Sixth Sense
to: TDL12344

Hey there TDL. Glad to see you signed my guestbook, just never noticed. Have a good summer holiday.

- Sixth Sense
Princess Midna TDL12344
Jun 21, 08 10:07pm
lolol now look what you did O:<

now i has to sign joo O:<< with ma latest toonie stamp of 1337ness...look...HE ISH IN HIS PJS

no toonie end siggy for joo :3
Petdiams TDL12344
Jun 19, 08 3:49am
signing peoples guestbooks great job being the leader of Dawn of Twilight and a great friend!

Keep Kool
ManCub08 TDL12344
Jun 16, 08 9:01pm

Thanks for the stamp, I finally stamped with your stamp you made.
Ragnell TDL12344
Jun 14, 08 11:13pm

In a good way

hello leader.

Have a good now.
ManCub08 TDL12344
Jun 09, 08 9:07pm
I always pictured us dancing together (No homo ). Thanks for being a good friend. I will be awaiting for your stamp with my name on it.
Yoshi Rider TDL12344
Jun 07, 08 3:40am
hello buddy

guess what i'm signing your guestbook. I only really said that though cause i don't know what else to say XD

anywho your a great friend and i hope to brawl you someday

seya on the forums
Sc0rpius TDL12344
Jun 07, 08 1:59am
Thank you for this stamp. Well I found the pic, you just put the writing. lol Anyways, it's better then the other one and once again thank you.

See ya around.

Sc0rpius TDL12344
Jun 06, 08 6:39pm
I lied. I do have a stamp but without the "You have been stamped by SC0RPIUS" >_>

Behind you!!!! Behind you!! Oh...too late. X_X
Rockin Roxas TDL12344
Jun 03, 08 8:21am
Hey TDL12344 u dont no me yet but u will now that im member of mos so i hopfully will see you on the brawl filed,and thanks again for letting me join. Rockin roxas

Delighted TDL12344
May 28, 08 3:16am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I was rushing a bit, so all I did was put some text on a picture of Haruhi.

Anyways, thanks for being a great leader of the March of Swords, and being helpful and interactive. ^^

~*SOS Brigade : Haruhi Suzumiya*~
Inuyasha TDL12344
May 27, 08 1:45am
Hey dude, just wanted to sign ur guestbook, thanking you for the nice things ya said 'bout me in your profile, and I'm glad I got to know you. Hope we still keep talkin 'n' brawlin!

Thanks for letting me know how to stamp, too!

~Inuyasha Ownz~

Skaterstar57 TDL12344
May 17, 08 5:09am
Hey there! I've seen you in the Brawl forum...and I know one thing, at least, you like Don't Stop Believin', which is obviously a plus.

I be stamping your GB, now.

See you around, man.

~ Laurel
Lute Pwns All TDL12344
May 10, 08 6:15pm
Just like when u asked meh who my fav char was, i asked u your fave element! so here esh ur stamp

The Dawn Witch Lucia!