Nice and fast Trade for Stones III
Very trustable!
I send T1DUS my ace Phoenix as gift for him to verified, then he send me 3 good 5* as promise. Will defenitely trade with him again! Nice trade bro!
Nice trader, trusted.
Responsive and willing to negotiate. Good trader!
Will trade with again!
Traded my Brave Mighty Raijin Lvl 1 with T1DUS Ace Fenrir and Giant Lvl 1 + 2 Skill and 1 Stat(III).

He made a mistake in his Fenrir lvl as he initially stated it was Lvl 55. He compensate me with another 2 skill and 1 stat(III).

For this I have to say he is really a reasonable and nice trader as not everyone will do what he did!

fast and reliable.

I traded my 5* guardians for his stones with no problem.
We trade +4 skill stones and he sent the item as a gift first
This guy is just awesome. Fast, clean and "fair" and nice trades.