Aug 23, 11 12:20am
LEGO's Rule
Apr 22, 11 1:55am
hello!! Watch Negima! Or else...
SypherTheGamemaster shared a blog post
Feb 18, 11 4:32am

HI EVERYONE!!I Couldn't find anything else to do so I decided to make this!This is an RP about a...

SypherTheGamemaster blogged
Feb 17, 11 4:44am

I Couldn't find anything else to do so I decided to make this!
This is an RP about a book I am writing called One and for all. (Its in the writing fourm if you want to see it.)
To Enter:
Post your player here by using the chart below
Pet (If has one)

Then, if I say yes you can start contributing to the story.
Special Rules:
*Pet must contribute to some part of the story (if you have one
*No godly powers
*You CANNOT control others characters unless they say
*Neoseeker post rules apply i.e. no flaming, double posting etc.

I will start the story now.
One fine morning in the netherworld Sypher Til and Akira Fireblade were having a practice deul in the coluseum "I'm gonna beat you in that coluseum tourney." Akira shouted as his blade was slashing at Sypher's arm
Sypher laughed "Yeah, that's what youll be saying when your dead... wait you already are." He chuckled to himself, "TAKE THIS! DUAL ATTACK FLAMING TORNADO!" Sypher held up his golden legendary staff as a firey tornado started flying towards Akira. Akira stopped, ready for a full on attack when Sypher suddenly remembered why he was called Fireblade.
Then the tornado disapeared, and came back, in Akira's sword.
"I guess you have forgoten what I can do, let me refresh you memory!" Akira yelled as he was running towards Sypher. Suddenly Sypher felt a sharp pain in his gut as he flew upwards.
"I think you have forgotten that I am Sypher Til, Lord of the air. Then he started zooming around at the speed of light. Akira was so confused then suddenly he felt a huge thump on his back and instantly he fell to the ground. Then right before Sypher made the final blow somthing caught his eye. But it wasn't a somthing it was a somone.

(The person can be one of you guys. Whoever posts first is the mysterious person. All I have left to say is goodbye, and don't get yourself killed.)

gaming related
Feb 9, 11 10:43am
Visit the Disgaea DS fourm PLEASE *whiny voice*
Feb 6, 11 5:16am
Visit the Disgaea DS Fourm!!
Feb 1, 11 5:11am
YAY LittleBigPlanet2
Jan 9, 11 4:49am
I just got a Level 200 Character im SO EXITED!!! DisgaeaDS
Jan 9, 11 4:47am
I just got the final sore creature creator piece!!! Im SO EXITED!! SporeCreatures
Jan 5, 11 4:34am
Hello If you have any ?'s for me please ask

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