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Dec 11, 09 1:15am

Hey guys, Syn here with my first blog post in well over three months. Just returned to neoseeker a few days ago after been 100 percent focused on school work for the first couple months of school. Anyways, now that my marks are good, I'm a bit more relaxed and have some more time to spend on the computer and xbox.

Speaking of xbox, I have 3 words for you. Modern. Warfare. 2. This game has been my addiction for the month it has been out. I can't even describe how awesome this game is without spelling some strange word you haven't even seen before. I'm currently level 31, first prestige. When I reached level 70 I was pretty confident in the fact that I wouldn't be prestiging, but the aspect of more custom classes, new titles and emblems and special prestige challenges changed my mind. Currently, I working on finishing the veteran challenges for the Intervention. I've mostly been quickscoping with both the FMJ and thermal scope attachments.

One thing thats really ticking me off is not having a capture card. I've been wanting one for ages so that I can make my first montage to put on youtube. 100% sniper lobby free. Hopefully, it will come at christmas because I ain't looking forward to shelling out 100+ bucks for a decent cap card.

Finishing up, I'd like to ask everyone that reads this a question. I've recently been given 1000 microsoft points and I was wondering what I should change my gamertag to, or if I should even change it at all. Hears how it works, just reply to my blog saying either I should keep my current gamertag (Carbon Haze), change it to (Zayze) or change it to something else (other). If you do say other, please specify what I should change it to.

Thanks, and hoping to hear from you soon.


Dec 8, 09 5:02am
Modern Warfare 2 <3
Dec 7, 09 2:32am
is baaack bitches!
Dec 7, 09 2:32am
is baaack bitches!
Aug 15, 09 10:11pm
is getting togather a clan for Call of Duty 4
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Feb 11, 09 2:45am

Hey guys, Synyster here again with another badly puntuacted blog. Just going to be speaking whats on my mind and giving my opinions on stuff you probably don't care about. But hey, if your bored or have no life whatsoever, come and have a read.

I'm sure you've all noticed the little red words underneath my name. Yes, Synyster, me, your's truly, has been promoted to mod of the Skate 2. WOOPIE SHIT I know, being a mod is great and all, but now you need to put that little more extra effort into your posts. Noooow, on blogs I can say whatever the hell I want (I didn't mean that literally).

Skate 2 has been an awesome forum to moderate. There isn't that many people around so everyone really gets a good chance to get to know each other. The PPD has been dropping rather drastically over the past few weeks, but I'm 100% confident that it will be back in the 30's and 40's PPD in the next couple weeks or so.

GSP! GSP! GSP!. Georges Saint-Pierre won! I knew that BJ Penn couldn't take that dude on. Man he is a beast. I sure wouldn't want to have to fight him.

In other random news, I've kinda been thinking about putting videos of myself onto youtube. Basically just doing random stuff. I dunno, gimme your opinions as I've had trouble finding any...random...things to talk about. Also, I've decided to rejoin the wrestling RP, TWG. I made a CAW (Create A Wrestler for those of you who don't know) and will be competing in some matches shortly. I used to be a HUGE wrestling fan in 2008. I just lost intrest though due to having so much more homework in highschool.

Wow 4 paragraphs already? And I'm just getting warmed up.

Here's some juicy news I'm sure you'd all love to here. I've recently just hooked up with this girl and it's great. I'd prefer not to go into TOO much detail, don't need any horny little 12 year olds getting boners.

SPORTS! The Vancouver Canucks NHL team finally snapped their 9 game losing streak last week against the Hurricanes. They won just again on Saturday night, but are now losing to the St. Louis Blues 1-0 in the 2nd Period. *Crys*.

Well, this basically wraps it up...yep...intresting stuff eh? I try, I try.

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Jan 25, 09 11:50pm


Synyster back here with another blog. I'm probably not going to be talking about anything that intresting so unless your bored or looking for something to read LEAVE NOW. God that was a long sentence. Actually, looking at the preview it wasn't that long. Wow, I should get one of dem Xbox Achievements. I deserve atleast 5 gamerscore for an excellent opening paragraph.

I make myself laugh, haha.

Anyways, what the *bleep* is up with all these Loungin' quizes? There must be atleast 5 or 6 of them on the front page. I can't stop myself from going in there and trying them. Most of them are pretty stupid too. With this horror movie one all I did was pick the third answer the entire time and it said I would survive the whole movie. Woopie shit! Then I looked at the rest of the thread and everyone else got basically the same answer. I guess I'm really not one of the lucky few am I? +1 to you if you got it.

Another thing that has been bugging me has been the whole point of snow. Sure it's fun and all but really is there a point to it. Sun and rain have the purposes (to grow plants, duh!) but snow? Not so much. I've noticed that as you get older that white stuff just gets less and less important to you. I DIDN'T EVEN PLAY IN IT THIS YEAR! I felt like crying after it all went away because I used to love snow.

This (that) whole year of 2008 has really been a thing of change for me. Well, I wouldn't call change the main focus of my year but it did have so impact. First off, highschool. Yes, it is my first year in highschool. Aren't us grade eight's so cute? I'm sure you all love us. Surprisingly I managed not to piss anybody off in the first week, excluding of course my other grade 8 friends. Being the only grade 8 picked to play on the boys 8 & 9 soccer team also was a way to boost my popularity. I wasn't the leading scorer, but I contributed and made 15 or so new friends out of it. Go me!

Just to think everybody, I got that whole paragraph from thinking about snow. Bare with him me guys, I'm just thinking of these things randomly so if anything CHEESEBURGERS weird pops PINEAPPLE up you do not have to afraid. I'm not in-WATERMELON-sane.

Ok, so once I'm finished this "Musings/Thoughts" blog I will go to watch the NHL All-Star game with my daddy. Yes you read that correctly. My daddy. So last year since the Vancouver Canucks were my favourite team I was all like "WOO GO WESTERN CONFRENCE YA WOHO GO GO GO". But this year its like..."no...Eastern Confrence are teh shits. By the way, a cookie to you if you can count how many spelling mistakes I made in this blog. So yeah, go East.

OK, heres the best part of the blog. The final comments.


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Jan 16, 09 2:06am

Leading Scorer: Vancouver Canucks
Daniel Sedin
Games Played: 45
Goals: 21
Assists: 24
Points: 45
: 10

Leading Scorer: Phoenix Coyotes
Shane Doan
Games Played: 44
Goals: 18
Assists: 24
Points: 42
: 7

Players To Watch

Vancouver Canucks
One goal may be a bit pre-mature to consider a slump buster, but Pavol Demitra definitely helped himself take a big step out of Coach V’s doghouse on Tuesday by registering his 10th goal of the season. The 6’0”, 200 lbs. winger had started the evening playing on a fourth line with Darcy Hordichuk and Ryan Johnson but managed to play his way up the depth chart. His third period goal also helped spark a late comeback for the Canucks that unfortunately fell short. The marker was the first goal that Demitra has scored with a goaltender in net since December 28th against Ottawa – a span of seven games. He did have an empty-netter against the Oilers on January 7th.

The native of Dubnica, Slovakia will be looking to post goals in back-to-back games for the first time since mid-November when he tallied goals in four straight games. He will be suiting up against the Coyotes for the first time this season. He missed the only meeting so far with Phoenix back on November 6th with a rib injury. In 43 career games against the Coyotes, Demitra has amassed 39 points (14-25-39) and 14 penalty minutes

Phoenix Coyotes
The last time the Phoenix Coyotes rolled into town, Kyle Turris was made a surprise healthy scratch by head coach Wayne Gretzky. You can bet the rookie centre is looking to make up for some lost time tonight when the former Burnaby Express is finally expected to play his first game in his hometown since breaking into the NHL. The 19-year old first round selection of the Coyotes, 3rd overall, in 2007 has had a slow but steady first campaign in the NHL coming into tonight’s game with 13 points (6-7-13) in 41 games played. He also has three game-winning goals on the season – second on the team behind only Peter Mueller.

The New Westminster, BC-native will be aiming for some more consistency on the scoresheet in the second half of the season. He has just one goal in his last seven games and enters tonight’s game on a two-game point-less drought. While tonight will mark his first game against the Canucks, Turris is still looking for his first point against a Northwest Division team this season. In nine games against Northwest Division opponents, Turris has no points and a minus-four rating.

Injured Reserve

The Canucks
G Roberto Luongo (groin) is expected to return to the lineup tonight after missing the last 24 games. Luongo’s return coincides with the team placing netminder Curtis Sanford on waivers on Wednesday. D Sami Salo (broken rib) will be out at least until the weekend despite taking part in a full practice on Wednesday. C Rick Rypien has a sports hernia tear and is out indefinitely. Salo and Rypien are on the injury reserve list.

The Coyotes
RW Viktor Tikhonov (hand) and D Kurt Sauer (lower body) are both on the injury reserve list.

Team Storylines

Facing the possibility of losing four consecutive regulation games for just the second time this season, the Vancouver Canucks (22-18-5) will get a huge boost to their lineup when they host the Phoenix Coyotes (21-18-5) in the fourth game of a five-game home stand tonight at General Motors Place.

After missing the last 24 straight games with a groin injury, Vancouver’s All-Star netminder Roberto Luongo is expected to return between the pipes and the timing couldn’t be better for his struggling team that has just one win in their last six games and have lost their last five consecutive games on home ice (0-4-1). The Canucks’ most recent setback came on Tuesday night against New Jersey. Coming off a hard practice on the day before and vowing to come out with a complete effort, the Canucks did just the opposite going down 3-0 by the 11:07 mark of the first period. Despite a valiant charge late in the game, the Canucks were unable to complete the comeback as they fell 5-3 to the Devils on the same night that nearly all their divisional rivals managed to pick up points. With points at a premium, the Canucks can ill-afford to have their slump continue particularly against an opponent who are also desperate to try and stay in the thick of the playoff race. Luongo’s return to the lineup comes at the expense of Curtis Sanford, who was placed on waivers on Wednesday. Another player that may come out of the lineup tonight is Kyle Wellwood. During Wednesday’s practice, the Canucks had Jannik Hansen line up with Mats Sundin and Pavol Demitra and Taylor Pyatt skating with the Sedin twins. Wellwood has just one goal in his last nine games and was a minus-two on Tuesday against the Devils.

As for the Coyotes, despite their off-ice financial woes, their on-ice product has been very respectable this season. They sit just two points back of the Canucks in the Western Conference standings and hold a game in hand. They had their two-game win streak snapped on Tuesday in a 6-3 loss to the Wild in the first game of a four-game road trip that begins the Western Canadian portion tonight in Vancouver. The Coyotes head to Calgary and Edmonton over the weekend to close out their trip before returning home next Tuesday to host the Red Wings. The Canucks defeated the Coyotes 1-0 in the only meeting to date this season back on November 6th at GM Place. Tonight’s game marks the final regular season visit for the Coyotes to GM Place this season. The Canucks and Coyotes hook up again on February 12th at the Arena before closing out their season series back in Glendale, Arizona on March 21st.

Tonight’s game faces off at 7:00pm PST and can be seen on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific.

Game Facts

When the Vancouver Canucks lamented about taking too many penalties that were costing them games, they set out immediately to try and rectify the situation. Unfortunately for the Canucks, the lack of PIMs recently has been accompanied by a lack of wins. Over the last 11 games, the Canucks have had more than 20 PIMs just once but have just three wins to show for it (3-6-2). One of those three victories came against the Senators – a game in which the Canucks had 23 minutes of penalties. This season, the Canucks have a record of 11-4-0 in games where they have had 20 or more minutes of penalties. In games where they have recorded less than 20 PIMs, Vancouver’s record is 11-14-5. When the Canucks have over 30 PIMs this season, their record is 5-1-0.

For just the second time this season on Tuesday, the Canucks failed to win a game when Alex Burrows scored a goal. Burrows’ goal on Tuesday against the Devils was his tenth of the season and the eighth game in which he has scored a goal. In the previous seven games prior to Tuesday’s loss, the Canucks had been 6-1-0 in games where Burrows has found the back of the net. Vancouver’s only other loss this season when Burrows has scored a goal came back on December 4th in a 6-5 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

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Jan 9, 09 11:01pm

Right. So at half 8 tonight, I FINALLY got a go with the demo. And continued to play through it about 4 times. Haven't played with the editor yet, and maybe a few other things, but I think I kinda got a good grasp on things.

I didn't like it at first. Some areas I still don't. I think the thing that annoys me most are the things I can't pick out, the things that just don't feel right, but don't jump out at me either. But theres a lot to love in it, without a shadow of a doubt.

I guess I'll start from the beginning.


It's good. Real good. Faces looked better than the somewhat cartoony one I got landed with in Skate, though the hair options were annoyingly sparse. But clothing is looking good. I say looking good because there isn't really any indication as to how "limited" the demo is in comparison to the final game. I hate to say it, but it looks like the locked stuff is the stuff we get in the final game, as theres no way to unlock it in the demo. Ah well.

The ability to add a brand logo to a plain shirt, cap, etc, while simple, is great. Whats funny is I wished this was in last years game so I could wear my plain Green DC tee, and this year, they put the exact shirt in the game! Was glad to see it. However, to change the colour and size of the logo would be better.

To anyone who'd read my review of Skate, they'd see that a problem I mentioned regarding the CAS was layout. To some it may not matter, but when you want to change clothes you want to do it quickly and easily. And Skate 2 does go to great lengths to fix some problems I had with the system. Being able to sort my top-type is great (even though there is some questionable placement, like the flannel shirt in the jacket section,) and having brands as a sorta drop down list could be cool, or just an option to search either all brands or a specific one.

Things load faster! Don't know if my skate always loaded things slow, but it has recently, and it was a breath of fresh air to be able to scroll through and see stuff fast. BUT, having to buy things to see the style options or colour changes isn't ideal. Just add a "buy" button to the bottom of the colour/style section, instead of making up change things at the receipt just cause we tried them.

Now. The game. It's Skate. Only, it's not. I can't understand it. When I first played it, I was put off. I felt like turning Skate 1 on, not really understanding how the gameplay was better. But with time I grew to enjoy the changes quite a bit. I also like discovering tricks, accidently pressing buttons and doing things I hadn't done before. It was cool, ALMOST like cracking an ollie for the first time in Skate.

Walking. Hm. I hope it's better when the game gets here, but it's not so bad that I'll never use it. I imagine that the more I get used to it the more I'll like it, but right now it feels awkward. Turning is a hassle, and the desire to just get a birds eye/god hand version is undeniable when first trying it out.

And now the things I can't really explain. I LOVED the cutout style of skate, it was fun. The elevator music in the loading screens, the cool backpack, a sorta DIY approach to game design that I really enjoyed, and didn't get old for me. Skate 2 immediately struck me as too clinical in a way. Too many cutscenes in a 5 minute period, and that freakin' Hall of Meat thing got annoying, quick. Hopefully the pop up screen can be disabled, and the slowdown.

Overall, I'm enjoying it more with every restart of the demo, and as short as it is, the fact you can just restart is cool. Also, I thought the inclusion of the old tutorials was kinda cute. Anyone else catch the loading screen that said "need cash to buy a park or gear?" Sounds interesting.
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Jan 8, 09 5:54am

Today was an intresting day to say the least. The morning started off with the usual moans and whines of my younger brother. Now usually this would put somewhat of a dark cloud over my day, but today I doubt anything could, for reasons I will explain later on. S

School was decent, nothing really special happened. In Health and Career we had a substitue which we eventually convinced to let us watch a movie the whole class. She picked something called "Glory Road". I hadn't see the movie before, but after watching the first hour or so, I quite enjoyed it. The main plot is a former girl's basketball coach takes control of a poor college team. His recruiting of black skinned players catches the league by surprise and the team goes 17-0. That's when the bell rang and we had to turn it off...

After school I hung out with two of my friends at one of there houses. It was a great time. Playing a couple games of pool and doing some songs on Rock Band 2 took up 3 hours. Well, it wasn't a total waste of time. I managed to beat both of my friends at pool and sung a song on expert without failing :).

Finally, 7 O'Clock came. I finally got to Mats Sundin in a Canucks Uniform. In short, I was very dissapointed. I know I shouldn't have expected much from the guy, but still, I couldn't help myself. I was, however, very impressed with the play of the checking line of Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows and Steve Bernier. Bernier got 2 goals less than 15 seconds apart which were both assisted by Burrows. Kesler assisted one also. The final score was 4-2 in favor of the Canucks.

Well, that basically sums up my day. Yeah I know, not that intresting, but it may be for some people. Look tomorrow for my review of the Skate 2 Demo.

Take care,

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Jan 7, 09 3:58am

Well boys and girls, here it is. Synyster's first EVER blog.

I'm fairly new to this site if you haven't already seen. Been here...what, 5 days? So far, I've really been enjoying myself. It's great to see all the people on here togather in one big happy community (God how cheesy did that sound?).

Anyways, I look forward into gradually joining the community and hopefully people will eventually learn my name. I'm really not that much of a talker, on the internet or in real life. I just say what needs to be said and thats it. Hopefully I will get some friends on this forum because it seems like many of you are really nice people. Loungin' and the Canada forums have been my favourite places on the site so far. Loungin' because, well you can basically talk about any shit you want on there and Canada because thats my homeland.

So yeah, that wasn't so bad was it? I guess not, but we'll see as things get going a bit.

Bye for now,



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