Cox Synthesis
Jan 12, 08 7:48am
Since you liked my username, thought I better stop by and add my little thank you speech.

"Thank you"

There you go.

Nah nah, cheers for kindness, see you around neoseeker, take care.

Fluidity Synthesis
Dec 23, 07 8:39am
Happy Holidays TBS! Enjoy your Christmas Present (name change), once it's done. =]

Crystal Creation Synthesis
Oct 14, 07 4:20am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Mightyena Z Synthesis
Sep 14, 07 12:43am
Hello. You seem like a good person. Already we're having great convos.
I hope I get to know you more too. Thanks for talking to me:

See you later I hope.
growlitheking Synthesis
Jul 08, 07 1:00am
Hey bro, what's up? Woh, I mean like.. Neo-Uncle? Anyways, your cool, not boring and like Mismagius! Tell Floatzel, that Mismagius is better than Honchkrow anyday!

Sakura Synthesis
Jul 07, 07 9:14am

Thanks for voting in the Pokémon Diamond Awards!

Mrblikey Synthesis
Jul 06, 07 7:08am
You are Just One Of The Honourary People To Get This Newly Made at this hour Stamp! Whahahaahahah

They are running because of the writing on the wall... -.-
dragonluigi Synthesis
Jul 04, 07 11:27pm

Have A happy 4th of july and explosive one too
cherry_seasons Synthesis
Jun 25, 07 10:20pm
hey sups neo bro your cool dude and i hope to see ya around more ^^ well i wanted to say that your really cool ^^ hope this wasnt a bad guest book entry ^^ Cya bro!
Super Shaolin Synthesis
Jun 02, 07 8:42pm
Yo! Wanna be friends? I think you're cool!
You've been signed by....



See you soon, man and sign back/PM me if ya have time!
Crystal Creation Synthesis
May 05, 07 8:15am
Heyup! Ive seen you around plenty of Pokemon forums, and I think you deserve a stamp. Sorry it's not pokèmon related:

See you around!
Cheater X Synthesis
Apr 29, 07 8:29pm
Hey there! I see you have no guestbook entries, so I have decided that I'm going to sign and stamp your guestbook.

I'll see you around the Pokemon forums, TBS!

C-ya, ♥