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I arrived on this site roughly 5 years ago, under the alias DarkLynx. At the time I was seeking some help for a game known as Tales of Destiny, due to the fact that the original translation of the game was terrible to the point that you couldn't finish it without a guide. In my search, Google brought me here to the forums on Neoseeker. After a little while passed by, I began browsing around, and decided it might be worth my time signing up. Some more time flew by and in the process I managed to beat Tales of Destiny.

At that point I started looking around the forums only to discover the Graphics & Animation forum. Intrigued by everyone's work there, I decided to delve into graphics, and after some time I became fairly decent at it. That could not have been achieved without the help of the wonderful community that existed at the time however. After a few more months passed by, I started participating in various RPG forums, and soon after, I became a moderator for the Star Ocean 2 board. From that point on, due to the awesome work I was dishing out, more promotions came my way. It was fun and all, but got boring fast. I took a leave of absence throughout 05/06, and recently came back around late 06. For now, I’m back, as I managed to get a few things straightened out in my life, and can manage my time a lot better. You can find me posting in any Graphics and Animation forum/subforum, or RPG and Final Fantasy related board.

The World of Graphics and Animation

Many say the community is full of assholes and people who look down upon others. This couldn't be further away from the truth.

Believe it or not, we do care, so think of the older veterans of the forum, as people who are willing to help you get better and enhance your skills, however this cannot and will not be done by sugarcoating advice, and we are not afraid to tell you if a piece you create is shit. Tough love is the name of the game, and not surprisingly, from what we've seen in the past, it does work. We will give out nothing less of constructive criticism, and while our words may be harsh, they do have value and their purpose is so that you can better yourself.

The best things you can do as a beginner is get your hands on a good gfx program. That being said, get Photoshop, as GIMP or anything else will not do.

Graphics Status

I've been working with large variety of graphics programs in the past. Like everyone, I started out with MS Paint, then took a giant leap forward and went straight to Photoshop. From there on, I got familiar with other Adobe programs such as Imageready, Illustrator, and Indesign, while also going a step further with 3D programs, such as Bryce, 3D Studio Max, Poser and Cinema 4D.

Current Stage: Experimenting with 3D Programs
Previous Stage:
Mastering Photoshop :(

Various Graphics:

Playstation 3 and the Playstation Network

Despite all the inevitable console wars and fan boys screaming and crying over which console is best, my personal favorite is Sony's PS3. Now, I am not a fan boy, however I do prefer Sony products to the vast majority of others since they have done me justice in the past. I'm a major RPG fan, so naturally I love the Final Fantasy series, alongside Tales of Destiny, and a few others. Despite it being a great console, their online service is also free and easy to use. Besides that, in terms of raw power, the PS3 is superior over the other consoles at this point in time.

The PSN is great for a few reasons. Like stated, it's easy to use, and the online service is free. You can navigate the PSN store to download demos, videos, wallpapers and even classic PS1 titles, such as the Crash Bandicoot series, or more recently, add-ons to current titles such as Ninja Gaiden.

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