Happy Neo-Birthday, man. Haven't talked to ya in a while. Oh well. I hope you're doing alright. Take it easy man. I hope to see you around.
Its all I can do to return the compliment.
Sup Jake? Good to see you back biznatch. The spaces thing doesn't work anymore >.>. What the hell is up with a minimum of charcters anyway oO. You'd think that you want the signings to be as small as possible.
Heh-heh. Tis certainly been awhile Jake. How has your punk ass been? I'm sure your still the same rebellious bad ass who tries to mack on all the ladies. =P

Hit me up with a PM or get on AIM or MSN every now and then.

Dude! When was the last time we talked? When? Huh huh huh? Well, I miss talking to yaz I hope we do soon! Have a great day/night.

You've been stamped by

Where has our little lynxy gone? He seems to have disappeared.
hey there, i remember i saw you in KH, Kh2 and suikodens forum, and i see you play Ragnarok online as well! the Knight's avatar you hv:D

me? i dunno if you remember me but i am everywhere in KH and suikodens forum:P

You deserve to be shot.

I second that, I was here almost 6 more months then you and you have more signings then me ¬¬.
I will burn your NeoHome to the ground.
Yeah right. I hope you die from the flu, Jake. This is what you get for using my old avatar.

I hope the flu murders you.
I'm not sure if I signed your guestbook or not. From what I've seen of you, you're a really nice person. I enjoy talking to you when we actually do meet in the forums. Hopefully we can speak again soon.


I know your secret...
Thought I'd join in on the fun.
Hokata is a liar, he says he doesn't suck but I guess he does.
HAha lol Droped by to say what up and to hang loose keep up the mod work dude peace.

you got stamped!!
What is your useeeeeeee?!
I post more than DarkLynx does now.
Hey. I have'nt talked to you in a while dude, seeing as you try to act 10x more cool then you actually are, which total is almost as much as a monkey, but what can I say. You do "deserve" it. XP Well I guess I'll talk to you later then, probably more on MSN then Neo. I'm not to... well, what you'd call "fond" of Neo right now. ¬¬'

7H475 411 F01K5~

PS: You're a tool.
Hehe, and only we know what it means.

And ECCO r0xx0rs dude.

Eu cred ca tu ai un puta ma mica de cit un furnica. Bah, your good for a few laughs.