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Decided to start a new game with stuff to make everything do-able on Unknown mode. Carried over 2x Exp. and Capacity Cores. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Forgot to record after-battle data for Boss 1 (Liger Queen) TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
I have decided...Very Hard for now. I've got the amazing Capacity Cores and AD Skills carried over, so I might as well. Still normal exp. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Finished old game 49:52. New Game+ time! I think we'll play as much as possible on Hard or Very Hard. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
60K out of 320K..."Meteor Storm!" :( TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
And she kills me while she has 194K/320K. Woo. Time to rebattle...and rebattle. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Get ready Nebilim! Here I come! Nebilim @ Nebilim's Crag/ TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Sync 3 @ Eldrant. 1'34"00. Hardest Eldrant battle imo. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Asch 2 @ Eldrant! Luke is level 60. Meaning of Birth! <3 TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Legretta 2 @ Eldrant. 2'00"73. Luke (59), Tear (59), Anise (57), Jade (59). 72K Gald. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Over in 01'41"36. Luke finally got the Add Combo AD Skill! I'm playing on Normal by the way. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Party before Largo 2 @ Absorption Gate: Luke (55), Tear (55), Anise (53), Jade (55). 42 hours of gameplay. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Battle finished in 1'50"40. Party: Luke (55), Tear (54), Anise (53), Jade (54) [After Battle Stats] TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Tower of Rem v. Dist 3. 40.5 hours of gameplay so far. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Battle finished in 1'15"76. Party: Luke (52), Jade (51), Tear (51), Anise (49) [After-Battle Stats] TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Cheagle Woods v. Arietta 2. Endgame coming soon...38 hours with a few sidequests clocked! TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS

This game is almost flawless. With the new Free Run added into the game, and the story...

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