It has been confirmed that Rollo is the best Tales character of all time. After all, he is the squishy master.

Every glance of Tales of Zestiria that Bandai Namco gives is another glance into a beautiful... posted 3 days ago

posted Sep 17, 14 12:22am

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Graphically subpar to other 3DS games? Are we seeing the same game?
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"Blue bandanna"
That's a scarf...
My bad! Here in Texas, we call them both scarves and... read more

Alright, Hylians. Turn on the TV and check out the most recent commercial from Nintendo of... posted Sep 15, 14 5:51pm

likes Arietta's status update: "I hope the final version of SSB has an option to swap the shield and grab buttons. Other than that it's great."
Pavarotti makes even Pieta, Signore bearable.

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I heard that you shouldn't try this demo because playing it will make your...
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SA analyzes Villager before much is learned!
Doing a character analysis of Villager. :) I'll post the link here soon.
Gonna be playing SSB all day and posting opinions as we go.
Thanks XXIV for the SSB code. :) I'm excited to play it some tomorrow.

Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS is launching on October 3 in North America, but Nintendo... posted Sep 12, 14 5:03pm

Back hurts like crazy, but I just found $10. So...yeah.

In the most recent issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, Bandai Namco confirmed... posted Sep 10, 14 7:41pm

Oh my god the rage is so strong right now