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SpOOK Xeros the Slayer Thanks to both of you! I'll go ahead and fix the article with the... read more

A new listing on the Steam digital storefront has revealed that Sonic Lost World, previously a... posted Oct 06, 15 2:25pm

A recent preview of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes that was posted on a European news site... posted Oct 03, 15 10:24am

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Oct 03, 15 10:38pm

Are white, heterosexual cis-males allowed in? read more

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for the Nintendo 3DS was announced earlier this year during Nintendo's E3... posted Oct 02, 15 8:18pm

Nintendo revealed today that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and its eight initial amiibo... posted Oct 01, 15 9:22pm

A European trailer was recently released for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on the Nintendo... posted Sep 30, 15 7:21pm

Koei Tecmo, with the permission of King Doric of Arba, has released a brand new video overview for... posted Sep 29, 15 9:32pm

LEGO Dimensions will be around for the long haul. Publisher Warner Bros. recently announced that... posted Sep 28, 15 2:27pm

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Sep 26, 15 7:43pm

Honestly, my only response at this point is "lol". read more

Microsoft made a big announcement today regarding two of the most innovative things to ever touch... posted Sep 24, 15 6:20pm

Rumors have been floating about for a few months now that a sequel to The Last of Us was in... posted Sep 23, 15 4:54pm

Alright Mega Man fans, Capcom revealed today that Mega Man Legends, originally released for the... posted Sep 22, 15 4:15pm

Note: The views in this article are the views of the author and are not necessarily representative... posted Sep 21, 15 5:50pm

The South African retailer that previously leaked the existence of the Jigglypuff, Greninja, and... posted Sep 21, 15 4:04pm

Yosuke Hayashi, producer of Hyrule Warriors Legends, has revealed that the Hyrule Warriors will... posted Sep 19, 15 6:38pm

Shigeru Miyamoto, recently appointed "Creative Fellow" by Nintendo's new president, announced on... posted Sep 18, 15 6:52am

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Sep 16, 15 9:04pm

quote Stewie
I saw some videos and it convinced me. So you recommend then? How much is it and can I...
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Sep 16, 15 7:30pm

quote Lesley Pro_04
What are you making for levels? Easy ones, harder than Kaizo, or something in...
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Sep 16, 15 7:15pm
Super Mario Maker is my new pet project.

Nintendo has recently revealed a new DLC stage for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS based on the... posted Sep 14, 15 9:08pm

Frontier Developments CEO David Braben revealed in a Reddit ask-me-anything session this week that... posted Sep 09, 15 8:06pm