Merry Christmas, Neoseeker! Hope you've been celebrating well. My day has been spent with Pokémon. =)
likes Arietta's status update: "My Tales of Xillia 2 is finally here. Tempting to play it, but I must wait till I return from my trip. :("
Gonna really dig into Smash after doing everything I want to do in R&C.
I now own Smash Wii U. :D
"He With Mighty Pecs Who Hath Delivered Us Serenity"

quote Best Player Ever
I saw this yesterday and my excitement has yet to die down.

I've missed the...
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quote Arietta
As long as it's 69.
I was thinking 0/0, but I guess there is some way that could equal... read more

likes Kinetic's status update: "Woah guys did you see Kinetic? He is like so decked out for Thanksgiving. I heard he gives all the thanks like woah so cool turkeys wow"
Twitter just told me to join myself and Gotenks in following Sigma. Thanks, social media.
likes LinkinPork's Neoseeker news:
likes Phi's status update: "IRL marrying Dark Arcanine in March 2016."
Just got my first sub-40 for the first third 35% of The Precursor Legacy. I've shaved off six minutes from my first "good" time. =D
likes Arietta's status update: "Playing Tales of Symphonia in hard IS hard. Such a great game though. Nostalgia FTW."

Thank you, friends.

canderson - I'm quite enjoying the fact that, after a day, the world record for... read more

Tell me more about Sonic Boom.
I am the Connect 4 champion.

bluexy quick update. I went to the doctor today, and instead of changing my dosage, he gave me an... read more

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Hope you're doing better now, SA. Sounds like a real rough situation. Are they going...
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I had a bad reaction to my allergy shots after I left the doctor's office. My throat closed and I... read more

Almost died today. Not a fun experience.