Woo! Great game. Not 100% complete, but definitely done for now. On to other things. TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds 3DS

nathanx, yes I know. However, this title is being built for Sony. It's not being created with... read more

This talking kangaroo on the DISH commercial is terrifying me.

Insomniac Games recently released the opening cinematic for their new Xbox One exclusive title,... posted Jul 07, 14 5:53pm

posted Jul 07, 14 5:53pm

likes Arietta's status update: "Not like anybody cares but I actually put more than 80 hours into Xillia, making it the longest Tales game I have played."

posted Jul 05, 14 10:51am

likes Arietta's status update: "If you don't eat enough you will never eat bazongas!"
likes Arietta's status update: "GROW bazongas*."
likes Whelan's status update: "My mum might be coming home soon (est. 2 weeks or so). :}"
I hate getting a haircut. I find loose hair on everything for hours afterwards.

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I wish it was on more systems >.> *cough*3ds or Wii U*cough*
Forgive me if I'm... read more

For the Kingdom Hearts series fans out there, Square Enix has recently released an interactive... posted Jul 02, 14 9:55pm

Nintendo has recently announced that a demo for their next major life simulation project will... posted Jul 01, 14 9:01pm