changed their custom title to "Fear my 100 cats."

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I don't want to learn the answer in fear of being totally crushed. But is Siri... read more

I am stuck. Completely, 100% stuck.

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I'm not seeing it in my Australian App Store.
They're shouldn't be any... read more

Nine Elite Monsters EX left until I'm done with all of them, then I think I'll finish tackling the Illusionary Darkness. read more

I finally beat Scorpactus EX! TalesOfXillia2

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Will all my cards from the PC version transfer over? A friend of mine gave me like...
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Alright, Pokémon fans, Game Freak is finally offering an opportunity for the hardest of the... posted 3 days ago

Nintendo of Europe announced a special edition handheld for our friends across the pond today,... posted Sep 23, 14 6:30pm

posted Sep 19, 14 9:21pm

It has been confirmed that Rollo is the best Tales character of all time. After all, he is the squishy master.

Every glance of Tales of Zestiria that Bandai Namco gives is another glance into a beautiful... posted Sep 17, 14 10:34pm

posted Sep 17, 14 12:22am

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Graphically subpar to other 3DS games? Are we seeing the same game?
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"Blue bandanna"
That's a scarf...
My bad! Here in Texas, we call them both scarves and... read more

Alright, Hylians. Turn on the TV and check out the most recent commercial from Nintendo of... posted Sep 15, 14 5:51pm

likes Arietta's status update: "I hope the final version of SSB has an option to swap the shield and grab buttons. Other than that it's great."