Hey there! I'm Max Navarro, a writer for Neoseeker.

From a young age, video games have been a huge part of my life. Thinking back, my first game was either Pokémon Red/Blue or Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on Nintendo's Gameboy Color. =) These were great stepping stones into the world of gaming, getting me obsessed from the start. My grandmother also had a Super Nintendo that introduced me to the world of Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and all kinds of wonderful classics.

The first consoles that I actually owned were my PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. To this day, I'm a huge fan of some amazing games on both systems, including the Jak and Daxter series and Tales of Symphonia! I currently own all of those remakes on my PS3. Though most of my time is indeed spend with the PS3, I also own and love my Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, having owned so many different systems in between.

I came to Neoseeker at an early age, and began to volunteer on the site around the time I was 11 with the NeoWikis. I worked my way up on the site, serving as a Wiki Super Administrator, forum moderator, and so much more, until I got where I currently am today, serving as a member of Neoseeker's news team.

Of course, I do things other than play video games. I'm a high school student who loves to learn anything, from history to math to science to English. I'm currently on the path to career Opera Theatre and Music Education in college, something I'm extremely excited about. I'm a classically trained musician, both in vocals and on the piano.

My life goes from school to independent studies to here, which definitely keeps me busy. I wouldn't change a thing though! I love this place, and I am incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to contribute my efforts here.

If you want to contact me in any way, shape, or form, all of my details can be found on my profile. :) I'll also accept PSN or Nintendo Network contacts! Just drop me a friend request and I'll be happy to add you.


Speedrun Times:
Jak 3 Any%
PB: 55:07 [August 16th, 2014]


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