Symphonic Abyss
Jul 15, 16 11:32pm
Today, I purchased an Xbox 360 with Destiny, Dark Souls, and Tales of Vesperia.
Symphonic Abyss shared a forum thread
Jul 13, 16 8:40pm

Hi, everyone! With Pokémon Go becoming such a popular game all over the world with all kinds of players, Neoseeker is

Symphonic Abyss
Jul 10, 16 8:17pm
It's really hard to speedrun with a controller that you aren't used to.
Symphonic Abyss
Jul 09, 16 9:59pm
That Super Metroid race was probably my favorite of any of the GDQ events.
Symphonic Abyss
Jul 08, 16 9:43pm
Symphonic Abyss shared a forum thread
Jul 08, 16 9:35pm

Hey, guys! I hope a few of you got the chance to catch the Summer Games Done Quick 2016 relay race. The runners went into the

Symphonic Abyss
Jul 06, 16 9:50pm
Pokémon GO is now available in North America!
Symphonic Abyss
Jul 02, 16 9:02pm
Portal Stories: Mel is a great fanmade addition to an already-incredible series if anyone wants more Portal.
Symphonic Abyss
Jun 30, 16 9:02pm
Thanks to Steam Sale, I just picked up Goat Simulator.
Symphonic Abyss
Jun 28, 16 11:55pm
This weekend, I'll be setting up a planted aquarium for my minnows. I'm super excited. :)
Symphonic Abyss shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 16 12:39am

So, kids, we've all had to deal with school. How much school have you dealt with and where are you at in your studies rig

Symphonic Abyss
Jun 20, 16 4:21pm
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil just came in. Time to relive some of my favorite memories!
Symphonic Abyss
Jun 19, 16 7:19pm
To those who prefer old video games (GCN/PS2/XBOX and before), would you guys PM me? I have a few questions.
Symphonic Abyss
Mar 15, 16 4:17pm
Rumors are floating around surrounding Luigi's Mansion 3 on the NX. That would certainly be welcome, but I'd prefer the original's style.
Symphonic Abyss
Mar 10, 16 4:12pm
Alpaca World is my favorite, free Pokémon clone.
Symphonic Abyss
Mar 04, 16 5:40pm
Finally got both PayPal and my bank to cooperate. Life is good.
Symphonic Abyss
Feb 27, 16 6:21pm
Who all is playing Pokémon RBY right now?
Symphonic Abyss
Feb 24, 16 3:37pm
I'm pretty sure that I just used French for a legitimate purpose for the first time in my life.
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 13, 16 9:36pm
All of my weapons in Deadlocked are now sitting at Lvl. 99. livingthedream
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 01, 16 2:37pm
I just put hours into Red Rescue Team only to realize that the auto-save function wasn't working. >.
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