If you have played any LittleBigPlanet game in the past, you will know exactly what I'm asking when I ask if you create o

Hi, I am Swoop.
Why did they make Zelda both a sexual object and a child in Hyrule Warriors?

_The creative adult is the child who survives._ So, Pokélounge. Creativity. Do you deem yourself creative, and

The creative adult is the child who survives.
Woo! Great game. Not 100% complete, but definitely done for now. On to other things. TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds 3DS

So, as the title suggests, this thread has been made to ask what the last game was that you finished? Be it 100% or not, what

This talking kangaroo on the DISH commercial is terrifying me.
I hate getting a haircut. I find loose hair on everything for hours afterwards.
Free t-shirts...with competition!

Guild Wars 2: Gates of Maguuma went live just yesterday, marking the official start to Season 2. To celebrate new beginnings, we've put together a very special event in collaboration with ArenaNet to give away 20 Scarlet Briar t-shirts.....

http://image-cdn.gamnesia.com/15813/brcu0ytcqaa3w9i__large.jpg In this image, we see Midna holding a butterfly with some S

It's okay to celebrate this, guys. I know I am. If you attended Symphony of the Goddesses, you'll understand completely. =)

As society evolves, so does the internet. Since it's almost a given that most people are on social media nowadays, I was

I really like this Link avatar.

I picked this game up a few days after it was released, and I honestly can't seem to get into it. I can't even begin

So the iPhone has essentially become a brick that can play games for absolutely no reason. Not happy with this right now.
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