Symphonic Abyss
Mar 15, 16 4:17pm
Rumors are floating around surrounding Luigi's Mansion 3 on the NX. That would certainly be welcome, but I'd prefer the original's style.
Symphonic Abyss
Mar 10, 16 4:12pm
Alpaca World is my favorite, free Pokémon clone.
Symphonic Abyss
Mar 04, 16 5:40pm
Finally got both PayPal and my bank to cooperate. Life is good.
Symphonic Abyss
Feb 27, 16 6:21pm
Who all is playing Pokémon RBY right now?
Symphonic Abyss
Feb 24, 16 3:37pm
I'm pretty sure that I just used French for a legitimate purpose for the first time in my life.
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 13, 16 9:36pm
All of my weapons in Deadlocked are now sitting at Lvl. 99. livingthedream
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 01, 16 2:37pm
I just put hours into Red Rescue Team only to realize that the auto-save function wasn't working. >.
Symphonic Abyss
Dec 28, 15 11:57am
My internet service is being upgraded tomorrow. Instead of a 1.5mbps download, I'll have a 45mbps download. I'm crying happy tears. <3
Symphonic Abyss
Dec 21, 15 8:20pm
I officially own every Ratchet game for PS3 and have pre-ordered the upcoming PS4 one despite not having a PS4. I have a problem.
Vast Symphonic Abyss
Dec 19, 15 11:53am
Happy birthday!
Symphonic Abyss
Nov 26, 15 11:20am
Optimization in calculus just leads to a bunch of ridiculous irrational numbers.
Chromatus Symphonic Abyss
Nov 07, 15 7:00am
Hey, have you got a chance to play Zestiria?
Symphonic Abyss
Oct 19, 15 6:05pm
If anyone spoils Zestiria for me while I'm busy this next week, I will kill them.
Symphonic Abyss
Sep 16, 15 7:15pm
Super Mario Maker is my new pet project.
Symphonic Abyss
Sep 08, 15 8:16pm
Net ionic equations are like love stories.
Symphonic Abyss
Aug 18, 15 2:08pm
Shopping for a girl is hard.
Symphonic Abyss shared a forum thread
Aug 12, 15 10:20pm

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining an in-game community specifically for Neoseeker members wh

Symphonic Abyss shared a forum thread
Aug 05, 15 12:46pm

I'm attempting to have my articles published directly to my Twitter page, but I think I'm unable to. When I go to htt

Symphonic Abyss shared a link
Jul 26, 15 12:06pm

The summer marathon of speedrunners racing through games for a good cause returns My favorite time of the year is coming up. SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick), a week-long marathon of video game speedrunning for charity, starts this Sunday, July 26 with...

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