So has anyone completed both titles? I've already done multiple runs on the first game, but I just can't seem to get

I am Toro's trusty steed.
Mario Party 2 run, starring me as Mario, Wolfwood as Wario, Lesley Pro_04 as Luigi, and girlfriend as Peach! Use status for trash talk.
Aaaaaaand I'm no longer AFK.
Btw, I'm on an official AFK. I love you all, but I require breaks. :p I can still answer PM questions though, mainly wiki related.
Things learned from ToS: K is not constant. In fact, K: (1.2466..., 1.25], which actually skews certain stats. TheMoreYaKnow
Shake yo' groove thing with Hyperdimension Neptunia on PS Vita!

Dance battles determine the Ido-umm, Pop master Tired of the male idols featured in the newest installment of Idolm@ster ? Well, meet the female competition. NIS America has recently announced that Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection is com...

Accepting copies of Goat Simulator, the greatest game to be released ever.
New favorite level: 3-1 Grassland Groove. :) DonkeyKongCountryTropicalFreeze Wii U

As we all know, Symphonia Chronicles comes with both Tales of Symphonia and its sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New W

Anyone have a Skype? I'd love to get addresses so we can chat whenever. :)
Taking a short break from DotNW to get to Triet in a new ToS run! I need my Monster List. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
I rarely do stuff like this, but I'm feeling pretty grateful for Avalith tonight. Thanks, man.

Everyone has bosses that they hate in video games, whether they be optional bosses or storyline. Who is that boss for you, or

Simply put, shows that there are currently 17 members in the Tales community. I got a

How often do you make use of the customization feature in the game, and what do you think about it? I know that, while I d

This, my friends, is the 1000th page of the Tales NeoWiki. :)

The Gold Circlet is a piece of equipment in Tales of Symphonia. As it is in the circlet group, the Gold Circlet can only be equipped by Colette Brunel, Raine Sage, Sheena Fujibayashi, and Presea Combatir.

Who do you think is the best party member? Is it the same person you use most often in battle, or do you even have them in yo

When I turned 9 I believe, I got Tales of Symphonia for my birthday. I remember the first day - I played through to Ktugach a

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