Team Hydro Aura Symphonic Abyss
Apr 21, 13 1:55pm
yo mah brutha

FIGURED I MAY AS WELL SIGN THIS AMAZING GUESTBOOK OF YOURS and you're awesome and stuff and all that yeah. Thanks for helping/supporting me as mod and whatnot. ;D

Oh and also TotA is amazingness js :3
jonstunk Symphonic Abyss
Apr 10, 12 12:35pm
my friend code is 1289-8517-4319
Zuidy Symphonic Abyss
Oct 8, 11 10:10am
SA, I am happy I got to meet you.

What? You thought I meant just because you were you I am happy? No, because you helped me complete OoT 3D........

Nah, just yankin' yer' chain.

Thanks for being a good friend, Symphonic Abyss.
Superwalnut Symphonic Abyss
May 23, 11 7:36pm
Join the herd already.

You know you want to!

animalmoonART Symphonic Abyss
Dec 24, 10 5:37pm
Hai there Maxxy!! ^-^ Thanks for being my friend and even tho we haven't know each other long, I made you my buddy! SO MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (EVE)

Thought you'd like that ^-^ Have a good one :3
Oglop Symphonic Abyss
Jul 27, 10 7:32pm

Whenever people say they're never stamped on that thread, they get this. Enjoy.
Sakura Symphonic Abyss
Jul 12, 10 4:13am
We've been friends for quite a while now, and I can't believe that I haven't signed your guestbook! It's awesome that we are part of the same clan now for City Folk!
^This is a really old stamp by the way! Haha ^______^
tangy Symphonic Abyss
May 9, 10 6:39pm
Okay, this is kinda weird, but I love to sign random people's guestbooks! Well, anyways, I gotta go. Bye!


P.S. If you can, please sign my guestbook.
csifool Symphonic Abyss
Nov 11, 09 3:22am
just gotta sign.dont u think jak and dax games rock? lol of course u do.btw,love ur avi. i lon DNA. its im ganna go watch it on demand now. lol. LONG LIVE JAK!!!!
Cero Symphonic Abyss
Apr 26, 09 3:12am
Making me Work... You!

Keep up the great work on the Mother Neowiki
Cero Symphonic Abyss
Mar 22, 09 11:53pm

Eh, I can't rage to someone who posted the idea for a Mother Wiki after I was to lazy to do it =D

So yeah, here:

Hah, I have a stamp =D
Fletchr Symphonic Abyss
Feb 12, 09 5:55am
That was a weird guestbook signing that Vanna just did... D:

I, too, was conned into signing this durn guestbook...

I'm also using this PRE font. Kinda cool. Anyways...

LATER! *steals virginity*

oh wait, already done... D:

Quierta Symphonic Abyss
Feb 11, 09 9:51pm
What a lame way to con me into signing your guestbook :( Guilt will get you nowhere.

Just for that, you GET NO STAMP HA! Catching me off guard and all.

I needs myself a new one anyways ;-;

But yea *grabs your GB's virginity*

Yea. How was that. That sucked didn't it. Didn't it? Yes. Of course it did.
PkFlAsH Symphonic Abyss
Dec 25, 08 8:47pm
Merry Christmas!

Your comment made me feel special. You're a great friend too. ;D Thanks.

Oh btw HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY. Sorry, I forgot. D:
MasterOfBlades Symphonic Abyss
Dec 19, 08 10:50pm

Yep. thats about it. :3

Now for some added character length!

I lika da pie!

thanks bud
PkFlAsH Symphonic Abyss
Dec 4, 08 5:07am
Title says it all. =D

Thanks for all the crap you've done for me today. xD And talking with you has been great; we've certainly got that core interest in Tales games. :]

Just thought I'd sign back, as a nice guy. C:

A.K.A. PkFlAsH
Phenomena Symphonic Abyss
Nov 29, 08 7:58pm

I was supposed to stamp a couple of people including you, yesterday. meh.

;3 Stamp back.
Spiritual Symphonic Abyss
Oct 31, 08 12:21pm

I hope you have had a great halloween, and thanks for being an awesome person ;D!
Liliana Symphonic Abyss
Sep 28, 08 10:54pm

As said; Thanks for the banner.

Lasbard Symphonic Abyss
Sep 1, 08 2:05am
Hey Shadow_Knight i was just passing by and i thought i should sigh your guestbook
hope u had a great summer. see ya

here's the link to my profile:
tRaViS_p0w3ll Symphonic Abyss
Aug 23, 08 2:30pm

Thanks it looks great,but could u make Ralts && Glaceon's fee go behind the others?
Spyro Rocks Symphonic Abyss
Aug 20, 08 9:55am
Hi, Shadow_Knight. Just thought I'd drop by and sign your guestbook with my special stamp! Sign mine too!
Torterra93 Symphonic Abyss
Jul 27, 08 2:42pm

[size=1][color=green]Hi i know we don't talk much, if at all anymore but i thought i would dign your guestbook, so guess what, i did!
Jakegamer Symphonic Abyss
Jul 25, 08 5:16pm
You like pokemon its the battle win or lose.
Do you wanna be the very best that no one ever was! then you need to catch a pika pika
canderson Symphonic Abyss
Jul 24, 08 11:52pm
Hey ShadowKnight.
I've seen you in the ToS Dawn of the New World forum. You seem to know alot about the game

Anyway you're a real cool person and it's great speaking to you. Hope to continue seeing you around. Later