Robin (me) v. Rosalina and Luma. Is this matchup supposed to be awful or do I just really suck? I've only had the day for

I now own Smash Wii U. :D
"He With Mighty Pecs Who Hath Delivered Us Serenity"
Twitter just told me to join myself and Gotenks in following Sigma. Thanks, social media.

We've all heard of the Ferguson trial results by now, but this is _not the thread for discussing that._ I just have to ge

Just got my first sub-40 for the first third 35% of The Precursor Legacy. I've shaved off six minutes from my first "good" time. =D
Tell me more about Sonic Boom.
I am the Connect 4 champion.
Almost died today. Not a fun experience.
I have recently glitched myself out of two good TPL 100% runs with glitches that I didn't even know could occur. >.>
Finally got around to making practice points and files in The Precursor Legacy for 100% speedrunning.

We have a thread dedicated to degrees, so this could technically be part of that, but I feel like it stands well as its own l

I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind making some graphics if anyone's up to the task. :o
Thanks, HS students, for both providing me with and completely destroying the accuracy of survey results.
Migraine meds are truly godly.

By this point, most people have gotten a chance to play around with the roster quite a bit. Has anyone found any major surpri

Aaaaalmost done with Xillia 2. We'll wait until tomorrow to finish it out.
Well crap. I may be a leggiero tenor.
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