2001. A bored me wanders into the Legend of Zelda:LA DX forum.

For a long time, I go there. Then, I get bored and move to another Zelda site. That site get's shut down.
I return, on the eve of the GBA release.
GBA comes out with OOA and OOS. The board dies overnight.

2002 -I waddle over to the pokemon boards, and begin posting.

I became a semi - known person on the boards. I get GBA and lose intrest. Buy game called Golden sun. Move to the GSSB.

And there the real chapter begins.

2002-I blew into the GSSB when a spammer known as VorbanXjib was spamming the forum. To all hell.I spent a day realizing these people wouldn't like me, so I joined Vorban on his quest. He got himself banned many a time, but I kept Short stuff.

So, Vorban vanished into obscurity, and I became a mod.

Sheba, a girl on the baord at the time who claimed to have the same hair as the GS character, decided to dash her prestiege and made about 50 topics about leaving in a day timespan.

She and another user named Fox rules and I fought endlessly, all the time. Fun stuff.

Now, i stayed here till about, oh, Sheba mentioned LUE. Intrigued, I went there.

INSTANT CORRUPTION.I became Lue's bitch. Lue invaded many boards in their life time, but I was behind them all. We destroyed the Zelda, Pokemon, Halo and Doom 3 boards.

Then CJAYC came in, demote banned me and shut off LUE forever.

So,Llamaguy made LUElinks.

I had a haven, he had a site. A popular site. We were GODS.

I go to LL today.
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