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Hey guys (and girls), I'm looking for a few Pokemon to get busy breeding again as well to get a bit competitive again aft

Swampert X
Aug 10, 16 11:44pm
That moment you ride Alatreon "onwards my steed of darkness and despair!"
Swampert X
Aug 2, 16 5:22pm
Can't spell fun without Hyper Rajang! Did i say fun, I meant death
Swampert X
Jul 25, 16 1:31am
Whole bunch of nope http://bit.ly/2a6kz73
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Jul 18, 16 11:50am


Noticing the Trader is very much like the Wycoon in 4U I'm wondering when you get the option to get honey from him or let

Swampert X
Jul 16, 16 9:10pm
So my sis told she's preggies now, uncle Swamps in a bunch of months :O
Swampert X
Jul 15, 16 5:34pm
Aerial Insect Glaive so much fun MHGen
Swampert X
Jul 11, 16 2:35am
When Pokemon Go hasn't released in your country yet ;-;
Swampert X
Jul 9, 16 2:19am
The ending of Assasination Classroom really shattered my feels TT-TT
Swampert X
Jul 3, 16 9:32pm
Vast needs to get Monster Hunter Generations cuz KRAKEN
Swampert X
Jul 2, 16 11:09pm
when you spend a saturday to finish 3 animes and continue another one...
Swampert X
Jun 6, 16 4:07pm
I tried my hardest but in the end it wasn't enough, I failed my teacher test and will probably see a life dream shattered.
Swampert X
Jun 4, 16 11:19pm
Monday's the day of truth, am I fit to be a teacher in the future or not
Swampert X
May 19, 16 5:52pm
Just got a text message that Birthright is laying in wait of me :D
Swampert X
May 18, 16 10:08pm
Anyone here experienced with D&D? XD
Swampert X
May 17, 16 10:04pm
still need to find a moment to watch X-Men: Apocalypse this week X-X
Swampert X
May 16, 16 12:03am
Sigh, immature people sending you messages after they manage to beat you in PvP to go suck them. Makes gaming less fun
Swampert X
May 13, 16 1:40pm
Monster Hunter Generations was already pre-ordered months ago, lets hope I'm first in line for a CE call :D
Swampert X
May 5, 16 2:14pm
Finally had the time and money to pick up Super Mystery Dungeon XD Lets see if I can finish the story before FE: Fates is released here :P
Swampert X
Apr 28, 16 11:28pm
Captain America: Civil War was friggin' amazing!!!


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