Clash of Rebellion is the set that will follow Crossover Souls, what it

How many hours a day do you need to play a game in order to get headaches the second you start it up? X-X
Vast I started JoJo Bizarre Adventure. Am I a good boy now? The Secret Forces will introduce a 4th deck to the current dominating met!_TCG_World_Superstars No idea how I missed this piece of news from last week but aft

Vast, Shiny I don't like your avatars :P

The main reason I never got into shooters is because of the forced PvP that's in as the only thing after the story. Now I

Everyone has probably done or seen it already in the demo (at the very least), the ability to ride a monster (Monster Rider)

Gawd I hate it when I'm too busy to do other stuff X-X

A lot of people have been getting mails containing 4 codes to download the MH4U demo, this includes me. So I kinda have 3 cod

How can one say so many wrong things against someone before one finally gets enough of it
The YGO forum is planning on a contest with prizes, but what kind of contest? share your ideas in the RFS! Requests, Feedback and Suggestions... Keep 'em fl

The YGO forum is planning on a contest with prizes, but what kind of contest? share your ideas in the RFS!

The release date has been set in stone, March 10 we will all march to The Reef for our new story missions and our new raid. This is getting pretty Ironic! _------

*wants to breed pokemon, gets sucked into Destiny everytime*, I think I have an addiction

I've been "meeting up" with all sorts of people lately for Nightfalls and raids but I realized I have yet to do

psn down again... this is getting old

Does anyone else have the problem of constantly being disconnected from the entire game as of 2 days? I find it extremely ann

That rounds up Crota's End and the Vault of Glass for this week


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