This beauty from the Snow Mountains was absent along with his partner in crime Akantor from MH3, akantor made his return in M So apparently the new list is being revealed either this week or next week, so what

R.I.P. all my pokemon from the past 12 years, you were an awesome childhood
being able to watch anime on a 64/65 inch 3D from now on instead of a laptop is awesome :D

With DUEA behind us and the mega-tins approaching as well as the first YCS's it's clear to assume we have three tier Each Tin comes with it's covercard promo as Platinum Secret Rare and 2 m

so long MegaMawile, I will not miss you

Looking for a Regenerator Slowpoke and Sturdy Carbink (prefer high IV's on them) can give some higher IV pokemon back: --Quote monsters-- 1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 2x Effect Veiler 1x F The set after The Next Challengers is The Secret of Evolution. Consid Note: the Yang Zing monsters are of the new Wyrm type monster, not dragons. 3x Bi'

MegaAltaria Dragon/Fairy? lolwat XD
Aegislash to ubers? wtf, I can easily get rid of that thing in a fight.

Number 106: Giant Hand has served it's purpose and it's time to go to the next YCS promo, as of YCS Toronto we get th

Sayonara anime as of tomorrow, the western world shall miss you and the manga we love

Praise the almighty desire sensor in the games. So what monsters keep being a bitch to you and make you hunt them over and ov It seems we get our Lege Most cards that are in this set were made known today --Quote Ultimate-

With the western release for many different consoles nearing, I'm hearing stuff about this game being a subscription base


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