Most cards that are in this set were made known today --Quote Ultimate-

With the western release for many different consoles nearing, I'm hearing stuff about this game being a subscription base

Time to face Plesioth in MHFU, not looking forward to that thing and all those poison affinity beasts ;-;
watched Danganronpa, that was plain vague shit. interesting but lame at the end, expected more out of it
nope, not trusting Skitty anymore: --Quote synopsis-- The suspense horror/dark fantasy story is set in

congrats to the dutch soccer team for their deserved 3rd place,no matter what some others say

Basically the question is, what happens when Goyo Guardian kills a Hand by battle? --Quote Goyo Guardian-- When this card

onwards to kick Argentina ass
SAO season II starts this week!
Newest release of the week: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival (EU & Aussie)
turns out I have a PS4 now, thanks dad To those who spent a load of money gathering the Noble Knight the past year

Raging about how Magical Girl Madoka Magica ended ;-;
England kicked out of the World Cup along with Spain, how lulzy :D

The next banlist is just around the corner, with the OCG version of the list known (which hits Artifacts and doesn't solv

I got an autograph of Kotoko and heard her sing Shakugan no Shana songs (u jelly canderson? :epic:)
Gone to Animecon 2014! So we get a brand new card from the 5D's era along with many many repri

I came across a pretty likely image to become the Boxart for the 4 Ultimate version in the west next year. I cannot confirm i


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