Basically the question is, what happens when Goyo Guardian kills a Hand by battle? --Quote Goyo Guardian-- When this card

onwards to kick Argentina ass
SAO season II starts this week!
Newest release of the week: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival (EU & Aussie)
turns out I have a PS4 now, thanks dad To those who spent a load of money gathering the Noble Knight the past year

Raging about how Magical Girl Madoka Magica ended ;-;
England kicked out of the World Cup along with Spain, how lulzy :D

The next banlist is just around the corner, with the OCG version of the list known (which hits Artifacts and doesn't solv

I got an autograph of Kotoko and heard her sing Shakugan no Shana songs (u jelly canderson? :epic:)
Gone to Animecon 2014! So we get a brand new card from the 5D's era along with many many repri

I came across a pretty likely image to become the Boxart for the 4 Ultimate version in the west next year. I cannot confirm i

bought Monster Hunter Freedom Unite! :D

I think we've all seen them top by now everywhere, the deck that came out of nowhere and stands with Madolche on top of t

Best Player Ever and I ave deduced, Quixotic and Squiggle are like Kenan & Kel. AW HERE IT GOES <- Quixxy (when Squiggle does someting)

Does anyone know the odds of getting these after breaking both horns from G-Rank Alatreon? More often then not I get Skypier

Every MH game has had it's line-up of totally awesome Elder Dragons, the bane to fight, the tanks of the tanks, hitting y

Squiggle has talons used to make Dual Blades :D


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