Either rejoice or cry in horror as the new list is quite... devastating to some peo

Gut wrenchers, gouged eyes and mouths ripped apart, just another monday XD
Gogmazios is finally dead!

Most of us will know him by now, Gogmazios the oiled Elder Dragon. The final step before you venture into the full glory of

So today I decided to try the fight with a group of hunters with the promise of everyone getting their urgent done. We though

finished part 1 and 2 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure lol
When your co-workers compare Monster Hunter to Pokemon XD You're hearing it well, the DDD's are finally coming to

No idea if it has bothered other people as well but the lack of the keyboard function during a hunt was a really bad idea. I

Has anyone already found the gathering spots for the Heavenly Crystal and Carbalite Ore? I kinda need them for my Velocipr

A recent review of Mh4U has shaken up the MH community worldwide due to a bad review, but when you read through it we see tha

Remember people, there's an MH4U starting event!

For those who missed the news, once you get the game and connect to the internet the game will allow you to download the 1.1

With MH4U coming out today, tomorrow and saturday in Europe, America and Australia respectively, we are gonna celebrate the r

Just like in the MH3U forum, the thread to show us how far you are in the game. May still be a bit too early but better ea


I'm ashamed to say my country broke the same rules France did, resulting in me having Mh4U in my hands right now. Some U

Several French streamers have started streaming MH4U and Majora's Mask 3D, suppsedly several retailers have already start


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