You know, if you ever decide to get back on Steam, wanna go play a little TF2?
I gladly welcome Villager, Megaman and Wii Fit Trainer to Smash Bros!
I need money! I can't afford all these wonderful games!
Anyone wanna play Team Fortress 2?

Capcom announced DuckTales Remastered, developed by WayForward Technologies during their "World of...

Two days to spring break.... I'm so close.... I can almost taste it.....
Apparently, I'm a sassy Riolu... Works for me! PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfSky DS
My collection finally looks decent! Give it a look. Tell me what you think!
Lol. Not really a game, but I do play with it from time to time. PictoChat DS
Playing through Kirby and the Amazing Mirror for the first time. It's fun, but confusing as heck!
College is hard. I'd like a weekend where I wasn't swamped with homework.
Gonna finally fight Iris in the rematch in Black 2. I shall win!
Amnesia is a very scary game.... T.T
Dang. I need wifi....
Shame we're NEVER gonna get a sequel. It's Megaman on the moon again.... SonicChroniclesTheDarkBrotherhood DS
Somehow I lost this gem. And it's the only game I truly forgot losing. T.T ChronoTrigger DS
Gotta love a game where you can make a swarm of bees and save the world by playing minigames with said swarm of bees. AmazingIsland GC
Add me on steam. I'd love to play! TeamFortress2 PC
I somehow managed to beat this game severely underleveled. The final boss fight took me 3 hours! XD Never died though. So that's cool. ArcRiseFantasia Wii
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