Under renovation as I decide what I actually want to put here after all these years.

I'm aware that some stare at my hair.
In fact to be fair, some really despair of my hair,
But I don't care.
Beause they're not aware,
Nor are they debonair.
In fact, they're just square.
They see hair down to there, say beware, and go off on a tear.
I say, no fair.
A head that's bare is really nowhere.
So be like a bear,
be fair with your hair.
Show it you care.
Wear it to there, or to there, or to there if you dare.
My wife bought some hair at a fair to use as a spare.
Did I care?
Au contraire.
Spare hair is fair.
In fact, hair can be rare.
Fred Astaire got no hair.
Nor does a chair.
Nor a chocolate eclair.
And where is the hair on a pear?
Nowhere, mon frere.
Now that I've shared this affair of the hair, I think I'll repair to my lair and use Nair.
Do you care?

George Carlin


Alright, time to make this thing look remotely decent. Let's start from the top.

Writing - Probably my favorite hobby in the world, particularly in the case of roleplaying. I've been writing semi-professionally for going on six years, although in my own honest opinion, I've only been particularly good at it for around two of them. With regard to roleplaying, I'm always available for invitation to them, although I haven't really done it publicly for a rather long time, at least not extensively.

Video Commentaries - I'm also a video commentator, although so far, I've only really been the second voice to someone else's YouTube channel. Damned if I don't have fun doing it, though, which greatly encourages me to populate my own channel with my own commentaries. Wish I could think of just what I actually want to put on it. :(
Shameless Plug #1: For those interested in said channel and what I actually commentate on, search up TheJoninMonkey on YouTube.

Voice Acting - Oh, yeah, and I'm also a voice actor...if a very amateurish one who hasn't actually got a major role yet, even in fan projects on the 'Net. Again, though, damned if I don't have fun doing it. Shameless Plug #2: I'm available if anyone who happens to need someone for a role wants to contact me for it. :D

And then there's video games, anime, the two TV shows I cetera, but I'm not going to go on all day about those.


"Don't be afraid of the dark and cold..."

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