NEVER WIN GAMER 000 Sushikikko
Aug 19, 07 9:27pm
O////O uh-um h-h-hello i-im andy letz be friends ........................... so plz sighn my guest book an add me ....... O////////////////////O
Rainbow Gal Sushikikko
Jun 22, 07 3:23pm
Hi, and thanks for signing my guestbook and stamping me.Hope we can be great neo.friends and pm each other.
Bye for now,
Rainbow Gal
neto_360 Sushikikko
Jun 16, 07 7:52pm
Thanks for signing my Guestbook. I'm here to return the favor

And yes, I would love to be neofriends
pikacelebi Sushikikko
Jun 15, 07 7:39pm
Thank you for signing my guestbook so I'll sign yours... I don't have time to find a stamp because I have to be the first at my friend's party so that I can gte a prize. Well thanx and see ya around
Yoshi Egg Sushikikko
Jan 22, 07 2:46am
Thanks for stamping the Yoshi with an Egg in my Guest Book Sushikkiko, it really meant a lot to me, but I dont know how to stamp so I can't stamp back, I'm sorry, but this is all I can do for now.
Arietta Sushikikko
Jan 09, 07 5:42pm
Thanks for signing my Guest Book. Sorry I didn´t stamped before because I wanted to make a Rave Master stamp. But time stopped me T_T.
DenniseA Sushikikko
Jan 09, 07 1:50am
Thank you for signing my G-book. ^-^ Thankful and all, I return thanks by signing yours back. >:] And since I don't have a stamp.... xD

Enjoy ^-^

The one and only,
Gutrick15 Sushikikko
Jan 07, 07 10:29pm
There are millions of words to describe sxc_katee, but I'll pick the best ones:
She is
and hot.
but i am her slave, so maybe not.
Tenshi Sushikikko
Jan 06, 07 4:54pm
hello, i dont get very many radom signings anymore^^ so thx, ill sign back with one of my Zelda stamps, its a bit different then the normal stamps around here but whatever =P

silverhikari Sushikikko
Jan 06, 07 9:08am
I was wondering what the huff was about when i got the email saying i had a new GB signing. If it isn't Sushi. Glad to see your still on the map, and have good new year. Also, if you need help with HM DS, don't hesitate to PM me.
moon girl Sushikikko
Jan 06, 07 8:32am

i hope u like it..........................................
Tomahawkmanexe Sushikikko
Jan 06, 07 1:28am
Hi! i just saw your sign in my guestbook so here i am to turn the're great you we're the first person to sign my guestbook!
Azn_Applecake Sushikikko
Jan 05, 07 10:41pm
u stamp me, i stamp u back, code of the net,

GothicSadamitsu Sushikikko
Jan 05, 07 9:01pm
Hi I came to sign your guestbook again!

GothicSadamitsu Sushikikko
Jan 05, 07 2:10am
me don"t want to sign guestbooks.lalalalalalalal alalalalalalalalalalalalal alalalalalalalal alalalalalallalalalalalalalal alalalalalal alalalalalalal !from Warren
Kini Sushikikko
Dec 26, 06 8:47am

Thankyou for signing my guestbook & Merry Christmas to you too
LorTehWolf Sushikikko
Dec 24, 06 3:08pm

You've been stamped >=o.
Anyways, Hi Shelli 83.
Here I am.
Wasting my time here,
signing your guestbook,
Evanescence15 Sushikikko
Dec 14, 06 5:52am
Thanks for signing my guestbook the other day. I was thinking that if you like I'll make you a nice signature. Just send me a PM with what you want in it.
Angel of Death101 Sushikikko
Dec 07, 06 8:26pm
kool thanks for signing as well...i don't see you on kh2 you post on them...anywho...wanna be neo frends? well watever guess i'll see ya later!

Nissadex Sushikikko
Dec 04, 06 4:05am

Hello! Signing back! Thanks for signing my guestbook. And looks, you get a stamp that I've only used twice sence I made it, including this time. You're so lucky. XD

Sungod Okami Sushikikko
Dec 01, 06 11:16pm
Hey, I see you in some forums a lot, thanks for signing my Guestbook. If I had a stamp I would use it - I want one though, I think I'll get one soon. You make good posts and contribute to the discussion a lot, keep up the good work!

~ Sungod ~
Yoshi Egg Sushikikko
Nov 30, 06 2:18am
I don't know what to say, well besides HI!!!! I don't know what the heck I'm doing or what's going on, (I haven't done this ever before), but I guess I'll sign up, thank you!!
Mattyo94 Sushikikko
Nov 23, 06 4:59pm
thaks for singing the gbook


im to damn lazy for a stamp to so this is the best i got
rishi Sushikikko
Nov 20, 06 6:00am
I didn't even know there WAS a guestbook. Now I know. Thanks for signing mine. I'll sign yours.

PS I also didn't know this had to be 125 characters long. Why do they make stuff like that?
ZoeyKangaroo Sushikikko
Nov 17, 06 10:39pm
Heh heh, hello Shelli. You were just signed, OH! Lol, heehee. Well anyways, thanks for the sign in my book! Im glad to be on neoseeker it seems fun ^^.