Is back in buisness
Wanted to say goodbye
The Evil Zoroark Game is effing epic :D
Ermahgerd, BW2 comes out this Friday! 8DDDD
Willing to trade big for event legit Keldeo!!
C&C: Tiberium Alliances has no forum?
DarkWhisperer FTW!
C&C Tiberium Alliences = Awesomesauce
MC 1.3.1 RULES!!!
I just found 47 diamonds in a mineshaft :epic:
School starts soon. Somebody kill me. I would ask PiKaChU_bOii but he's trying to master pooping, just one more puh and your there PB!!
ASCW Goal: Get past the qualifiers and beat The Dark Phantomz of the Past
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this is for neoseeker: this update has just made neoseeker 100% better than it was before. I give you my sincere thanks

Ok guys, I've been thinking for a while about this game and here's my theory:
~Palkia/Dialga/Girantina avaliable like Goundon/Kyogre/Rayquaza were in HG/SS
~Sinnoh Starters avaliable from Cynthia
~Musketeer trio avaliable via roaming
~Mespirit/Azelf/Uxie avaliable via hard-to-find places
~Hoenova ruins
~Genesect event

Thats all I have time for now-I'll update it soon, pleaseadd your ideas too it too.

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wishes you all a happy easter!

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