I'm a green belt in Sanchin-Ryu Karate!


Band: Linkin Park!

Car: Dodge Viper!

Number: 17 oO!

Person: Tim Fox!

God: God!

Color: A really dark blue!

System: Nintendo Gamecube!

Video Games: James Bond, Sonic, RPG, and Mario!
My best neo-friends:

UltimateSonic - we post together in a lot of sonic forums! ^_^

timber wolf - taught me about R**s and Em***to*s, and the MOD of some Sonic forums! - Neo-Brother!

Emerald Guardian - likes drawing sonic fan-art, and loves the game 'Ristar'!

Hyper Tails1 - met him when he was new, loves Tails, from the Sonic games!

coolflame - around the Sa2:BATTLE forum once in awhile! - In my site!

hypershadow0213 - my first neo-friend (I think)!

zeber162 - Tyler is my best friend from school, I told him about Neoseeker!!!

MegaDemon - She is usually on, so I talk to her! - In my site! - Neo-Sister!

Rager: He does some pretty good sprites! - In my site!
{Neo-Brothers: timber wolf}
{Neo-Sisters: MegaDemon }




Sorry for not being on for so long.
Probably wasn't missed!!!
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