Jul 30, 15 8:45am
started a discussion titled "Things you hate about your country?" in Loungin'
Magnetar SuperSaiyanGod
May 20, 15 11:06am
Sir, im sorry to have to tell you this but.......I am going to need to arrest you
Magnetar SuperSaiyanGod
Mar 2, 15 11:16am
i just did, HAHAHAHA wassup bruh! I see its very empty, y u no update status bruh!
Sep 11, 14 4:17am
Not sure the industry is going the right way....
Jul 26, 14 11:18am
I'm really curious what the new DBZ movie's gonna be about,and the new Zelda game as well.
Jul 19, 13 9:26pm
This game is SO overrated. EarthBound


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