Remino52 Super Shaolin
Jul 10, 08 10:00pm
Thanks for signing my GB! And I do have internet on brawl so lets see if you do. It is still kind of annoying because wi-fi sucks.Tootles! But just remember....

sten mk II Super Shaolin
Jul 08, 08 5:20am

Damn 125 lol... T-T

Take later

sten mk II Super Shaolin
Feb 20, 08 5:00am
I can't use PMs anymore due to bans etc.

If u have Xfire or AIM PM it to me so we can talk ;]

I'm doing ok, I've been playing this game called Cabal, it just came out in the USA. It's really cool even though my PC sucks at running it
Excellence Super Shaolin
Feb 08, 08 2:36pm
Thanks for the signing d00de. I have a stamp, as you will see your art skills are inferior to mine.

See ya around.
Monkey Magic Super Shaolin
Feb 08, 08 1:50pm
Hey mate, cheers for the guest book signing
Yeah, I've seen you around too...
Send me a PM some time

Monkey Magic
GtaMythHunter Super Shaolin
Feb 06, 08 2:05pm
Friends it is. I don't have many so I'll take all the friends I can get. I also don't have stamps. The post office had none :\
Jacknife Super Shaolin
Jan 21, 08 10:45pm
Damn dawn that guestbook sign was pimp! It was the shit, that was straight up mo' *bleep*a. So I'm signing back. Keep yo pimp hand strong. G unit out, biatch.
eiddam Super Shaolin
Jan 07, 08 12:02pm
Weird way of becoming friends huh? Hopefully, we can be really good friends, starting today. When we do ( Or I simply feel like it! ), I'll sign this guestbook again with some kind of compliment. (It's some weird tradition I do, don't pay it too much thought.) I don't really understand stamps that much so sorry if I do something wrong.

I have a special image I use when signing guestbooks. I don't know what kind of stuff you like, so pardon me if you don't like it.


Bye bye!
Star Fox Super Shaolin
Oct 15, 07 1:43pm
Hey. I think you're funny. Super Shaolin eh? You'll be a worthy opponent. I'll see you around. Please support my battle against God. He's a meanie.
Tay Rex Super Shaolin
Oct 14, 07 5:09pm
Hello. You signed my guest book and I was surprised because people seem to avoid contact in any way possible. Unless they want to talk about bloodsucking bugs and caviar. (No seriously you should SEE my guest book)

Any way as you signed mine I thought it was only polite to sign back. So hi.
ShinyMilotic Super Shaolin
Sep 09, 07 2:33am
You signed my Guest Book so it's only right that I return the favor. I hope to see you around the pokemon forums sometime

MsKtty89 Super Shaolin
Aug 24, 07 12:23am
I guess we can be friends. You should ask in the Graphics Request Thread for someone to make you a stamp.

I made mine, but it's not extravagant.
LinkinPork Super Shaolin
Aug 21, 07 4:32pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. It's always nice to meet another SC player in the forum. When you try to connect to your firewall should ask to allow or block Starcraft from connecting, so allow it to connect. =)
See you on someday.
sten mk II Super Shaolin
Jul 06, 07 3:29pm

I've seen you around too, but I can't remember the first forum either. Maybe Tekken?


lol, it's funny.

Aj_Styles Super Shaolin
May 21, 07 2:03pm
Hey, signing this cause you signed mine but also cause your a cool guy around the forum and stay ACTIVE!

heres your stamp

It makes no sense
jimbob1710 Super Shaolin
May 13, 07 7:52pm

Cheers for the signing! never seen you before! lol. Anyway, cool. Let's be Neofriends! lol
King Chaz Super Shaolin
May 12, 07 12:55pm
Hey thnx for signing my guestbook, now that i got Pearl i will b a regular on the forums. i will actually start 2 play soon i just got to wait for my friend 2 start so i can get all 3 starters , so im sorry if i'll seem like a noob lol.
AdamHill Super Shaolin
May 10, 07 4:06pm
thanks for signing my GB, so I'm signing yours back! unfortunately, I don't have a stamp, so you'll have to live with a friendly smilie.
Swampert X Super Shaolin
May 07, 07 7:00pm
hello... I was in the neighbourhood and felt like signing your guestbook...

I hope to see you arround at the pokemon forums...

Holden923 Super Shaolin
Mar 05, 07 3:38pm
Hi, I'm good how are you? I think you are a great person and yes were friends. I think I might go to the Mario Superstar Baseball forum now. Hope to see you there!

Your friend,
SuperSpectre188 Super Shaolin
Mar 04, 07 1:40am

What's up? I know for a fact you don't know me(and you dont care) but im also a big fan of mortal kombat.

monkeyboy10 Super Shaolin
Feb 27, 07 4:18pm
Cool mate, I didn't know you like pokemon, I've seen you around a couple of times but never really got to chat with you

What are your fav pokemon games and what else do you like
Super Hero Super Shaolin
Feb 27, 07 1:34pm
I said I was and I am.

You have just been stamped by Super Hero.
Unfortuantly I can't find a stamp.

See you around the forums.
Chrome Super Shaolin
Feb 22, 07 10:07pm
Hey David! Wow, I just found out your name was David! Always nice to see a fellow neoseeker back. I think you were hit by a truck!
Lucky Gamer Super Shaolin
Feb 20, 07 6:44pm
Hey dude, thanks for signing my guestbook! Like i'm so generous (yeah right...) i have decided to sign back! I also added you to friends. Feel free to PM me if you like. Bye!