Been a while. :)
*yawn* How's it going, folks? :)
Been a while... so much to plan for the holidays. O_O
Anyone hear of Brian being "officially" killed off in Family Guy?
Google just ruined YouTube. :'(
More videos coming on YouTube! :)
So who else has a 3DS.... or Pokemon Black/White?
Part 2 of my Last of Us Gaming Walkthrough. Check it out on Youtube! (DestructiveDave1900)
*yawn* mornin'...
Time to get to recording....

Since Pokemon X and Y is coming close to being released, I'm starting to wonder about all the brand new abilities, moves,

Busy recording The Last of Us, but it's gonna use up so much space. O_O

I know this game is still brand new, but I'd like to ask people about their funny GTA V moments.... So far, since I wa

People discuss my favorite games back in the day... so maybe I should share what I want to say... :)
So, uh.... does anyone know if there's a link to signing people's guestbooks like in the old days????
Much better, there's my pic. :)

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