I'm 14



I'm in 8th grade now. Made "B" Honor Roll =^).

Burfdai 2007 Updated!

I'm a Total Nintendo Fan. Just read the rest of my prof.
You can pm me anytime to talk about video games,anime whatever you'd like to chat about.Or we can be friends too! One thing do not bug with stuff like "Hey dude i got this game!" When i dont have it and you brag! That will give you a strike on our friendship if you get 3 yer out of my friends list and life....(maybe not life...or maybe...Hmmm *thinks*.

My Big All Time Pal Neo-Friends,Brothers and Sisters:

DragonMaster111: He's a cool Neobrother we like to duel as Yu-gi-oh alot,play and have a good time.He's on neoseeker most of the time so we talk alot and have time to spend together like bros.

Tyranitar24:Me and him are great pals.We havent talked in a while which is a shame. Hope i can one day.

Mario1:One of my first few friends on Neo. A good guy to talk to.

Kerosakura2002:She's a nice friend who cares pretty much about me. Pretty good friend who likes Pokemon. Like a sister maybe one could say.

Jon24hours:Pretty good friend. He's been good and helpful, we have known more about each other.

Shadow Soul:Great friend and brother. Nothing bad to say about him. Dont pick on him either ok? If so im a gaurdian (good friend) to him so if your gonna beat on him come through me got it? Heh he's like a little bro to me. Runescape's our #1 game.

Weird Al Fan: Nice neo friend. Just like shadowsoul nothing bad about him. So leave him alone too (if your picking on him).Anyway he loves kirby and i'm not much of a lover of kirby but he's top with mario and cool.

Bash Boy 54: A great friend to have a nice day chat with. We really like to talk about Fullmetal Alchemist. We are the best of Neobrothers. One of my main talkers.

tomboyk003: She's an awsome friend who i like to joke around with maybe even go a bit farther....keh...anyway she's a nice person to be friends with too.

Knightmare Chaotix: Were are Neo brothers like anyone else on this list is or a neo sister. He likes to duel in Yugioh i beat him once but he came back with a huge hit.

rinkydink123: Nice calm guy. Helps me out alot gives great advice. Awsome friend. We also play Runescape together too.

unknownmaster: She's a new friend of mine she's more younger than me she's like my sister but my sister in 6 years younger than her. She's my stamp buddy.

Curcuit GX: A great friend we talk about Dragon Ball Z alot. But havent seen him since March after I had my Spring Break.

TheHeartofDarkness: Nice friend we made 600 PMs in 3 hours. NOT ALL JUNK( just about 98% of it)....

My most hated Neo-Enemies,,,

(Currently there is no one avalible.)

Thats good that means I have less to i mean,terminate,ARGH! You know what i mean!!!! >_< Heh heh.

Relationships: I have a little 4 year old sister. And a 15 year old asshole brother. I have over 100 or so cousins. See them on special holidays like christmas.

My Hangouts:
Ahhhh.... I like to hangout in these places.

Loungin' (there mostly everyday probrably not one Christmas you should be with family.....)

Super Smash Bros. Melee:Its a very great game so i hang out here for nice fun.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: This Summer it should be the best Wii game ever!

Pokemon Emerald:The game is good but the forum going old so you may see me rarely just to brighten up the day for this forum.Uh...i dont think you should visit right now its pretty um bad.

My goals:
Being a member Done!

1 post Of course!

5 posts Yep!

10 posts Done!

25 posts Check and mate.

50 posts Nyeeeeessssss!!!!!

100 posts Finally done!

200 posts *Raining Tacos* Its time to Paaaaaaaaaarty!!!!! Yeah man!!!

500 posts I rock don't I?

1,000 posts Hell Ye.

2,500 posts are you on something like medicine or what???

5,000 posts Uhh doctor i think this person needs a subscription for...

10,000 posts I saw you sniffing something last night...And it sure wasnt sugar.

50,000 post So tell me...what was it that you were taking last night in the alley? Hm?

Goals MOST WANTED!Reward...I'll think about it:

NeoGod: Foams at mouth...Please...take me to the hospital....

Moderator Position: Come back when you take your asprin,K?

Make 5 Neo Brahs and Sisters: Hells yeah.

Write a Review: Yeah i'm good arent i?

Submit a tip/cheat: Sure...Why not alot of people couldnt live without me =D.

Write a Faq/Guide/Walkthrough: Working on one.

Bans *_*:

1 It was in Loungin -_-'. I was caught in a flame war protecting my neo-brah. For 2 days though.

Permenant Bans *.* OMFG No!:

Your a real pain....Never...


The Days and the Life of SuperMegaman

SuperMegaman is a great guy he likes to play have fun hit on some girls...anyway he likes to play neoseeker,video games,TV,all kinds of stuff.
Heres his life not everything ( may contain stuff not suitable unless the age of 18.Lol kidding fellow dudes or um dudettes.)

Abandoned as a pup he was found by murial.....oops wrong story heh heh.

*cool music starts*

Ok one day on Christmas of 2003 I was amazed by what I got. I had got a GAMECUBE *godly sounds* and i obtained a copy of.....SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE and way more but nevermind that heh!!! That day my life was even happier. I played that game for a long time then happened my birthday of 2004 I obtained copy of Pokemon Colloseum! I played that game for a long time until Christmas of 2004 arrived! I obtained a copy of Paper Mario Thousand Year Door and way more!!! I played that game until the day of my birthday of 2005! I obtained a copy of Musashi a samurai legend (very great game) Dragon ball Z budoaki 3 (very great game), Alien Hominid ( awsome game I still play it like my other games)
and lastly i obtained my plush Inuyasha doll he was cool!
Now ive played all of my games above at least 20 times or more this year BECAUSE THEY'RE SO AWSOME!!!!!!

Now for another story of SuperMegaman of 2006!

Christmas of 2005:
Eh...Lets here. In 2005 i got the following sweet christmas gifts.

DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi(PS2)

One Piece Grand Battle(GC)

Dragon Quest VIII(PS2)

FullMetal Alchemist 2(PS2)

FullMetal Alchemist Volume 2(DVD)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 2(DVD)

i-Pod nano

i-Dog (Really my sisters but we share it sometime.)

A $75 gift card

DVD player (portable in your car)

Kirby's Canvas curse (DS)

Mario Kart DS (DS)

Super Megaman's Super Smash Bash 13th Birthday Special!

Yeah i believe you heard that the one you know and love....well not love that much...heh but heres a the whole big bash i had.

Kingdom Hearts II (the total roxors)

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic Riders

Yugioh GX Duel Academy

Yugioh TCG booster boxes

Naruto Official headbands "Leaf,Mist and Sand."

Naruto Volume 1 DVD

Naruto manga (4-7)

Pokemon Trozei (Dont laugh... :( but its awsome)

Pokemon Masters Collection DVD box set

FMA volume 3 and 4

Christmas Update 2006!
Here's what the big guy Santa got me for Christmas.

Nintendo Wii (Sadly games were sold out)

FullMetal Alchemist vol 5

Naruto Uncut Box Set 1 & 2

Pokemon Masters Collection 2

Yugioh Collecter's edition 2006 all boxes (Cyber Dragon,Hamon,Raviel,Uria,E-hero Neos, and E-hero Shining Flare Wingman ( Ye i still Yugioh so what...XD.)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (PS2)

New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS)

Yoshi's Island DS (Nintendo DS)

Pokemon Rangers (Nintendo DS)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 4

Elder Scrolls I-II-III (PC)

Yu-Yu Hakusho Uncut complete DVD special/limited edition set


Heres what my lovable parents got me for my 14th birthday.

Nintendo Wii (Erm last one...lets say couldnt stand the fluid.)


The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princes

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Wario Ware Smooth Moves

Wii Play

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

$230 from my grandparents.

$50 bucks $25 each from parents.

$30 bucks alltogether from my friends as a present.

And all of my friends spent tthe night Play Wii until they had to Wii and the toilet was their best friend that night.

Aaaaand thats it buddays. See you next time in like December!-End...for now |:) (duhahah)

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Playing video games (alot)

Yu-Yu hakusho
Dragon Ball Z
Fullmetal Alchemist
Family Guy
Yu-gi-oh and GX
One piece
Shaman king
South Park
Boondocks (pretty ok show but weird)
Cartoon networks old cartoon shows

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