Sosai X Super Squall
Sep 7, 04 7:36pm
Hey. Whatsup? Same here. XD

*spree mode*

I'm just signing your guestbook with a stamp. Hope you like it.

I haven't even seen the show yet...!!! XD

Sign back...if you want.^^
Unless you don't want to...well. That's okay with me...


PrincessZelda Super Squall
Aug 20, 04 9:21pm
WEll...Hey! SInce u didnt have nobody who signed your guestbook and you havent been on neoseeker for a while I decided I would sign it..Especially since u helped out with me..and that situation.. Thanks a lot!!

Gotenks Super Squall
Aug 15, 04 4:09am
I am so stamping your guestbook with my new stamp.

Bye Bye.
Gotenks Super Squall
Jul 10, 04 3:56am
Well you wanted me to sign it i get first. Muhahahahaha. Anyways see you around here's a present: