Super Squall
May 22, 16 3:05am
Overwatch launch on Monday!!!!
Super Squall
Nov 11, 14 2:13pm
Overwatch is looking good to me
Super Squall
May 19, 14 4:26pm
Happy Victoria Day fellow Canuckers
Super Squall
May 17, 14 6:19pm
All you have to do is BOlieve
Super Squall
May 14, 14 7:53pm
solid 1st period
Super Squall
May 14, 14 7:17pm
Super Squall
May 14, 14 6:35pm
Super Squall
May 13, 14 3:22pm
Rangers beating the Pens would make my day
Super Squall shared a forum thread
May 13, 14 12:08am

_Size_: banner 575*125 avatar 65*65 _Description_: would like both of them to use Bowser from mario kart 8 design of it is u

Super Squall shared a forum thread
Mar 26, 14 3:21pm

_Size (Banner)_ : 575 X 135 _Size (Avatar)_ : 65 X 65 _Description_: Using the Image style is up to you just want the col

Super Squall
Jan 24, 14 4:57pm
Royal Rumble at Gotenks going to be amazing.
Super Squall
Jan 11, 14 3:19pm
And so the Mass Effect long haul starts again this time on the pc with a good vid card going for 100%
Super Squall
Oct 4, 13 12:34pm
Bernier/Reimer combination is making NHL goalie envy.
Super Squall
Sep 15, 13 11:05am
DBZ Battle of Gods was awesome big kick in the nostalgia
Super Squall
Jun 21, 13 6:21pm
Pacific Rim,Titanfall mechas are getting some love and I love it
Super Squall shared a news (@Reenee)
Mar 19, 11 3:48am

[image1 link=yes width=640] Briefly teased by BioWare not too long ago, the Mass Effect 2...

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