Super Shaolin shared a forum thread
Oct 29, 16 10:40pm

So I own a PS3. Long story short, my brother and I have separate rooms, but everytime I want to watch YouTube on the PS3, my

Super Shaolin
Aug 15, 16 6:58pm
Still hot...
Super Shaolin
Jul 24, 16 10:39pm
Just got a Wii U! Time for Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros.!
Super Shaolin
Jul 12, 16 12:24am
I'd rather just stick with Omega Ruby instead of Pokemon GO
Super Shaolin
Feb 24, 14 12:01pm
Been a while. :)
Super Shaolin
Jan 27, 14 10:58am
*yawn* How's it going, folks? :)
Super Shaolin
Dec 24, 13 11:06am
Been a while... so much to plan for the holidays. O_O
Super Shaolin
Nov 27, 13 9:30am
Anyone hear of Brian being "officially" killed off in Family Guy?
Super Shaolin
Nov 7, 13 8:12am
Google just ruined YouTube. :'(
Super Shaolin
Oct 25, 13 3:29pm
Hello. :)
Super Shaolin
Oct 9, 13 1:41pm
So who else has a 3DS.... or Pokemon Black/White?
Super Shaolin
Oct 1, 13 7:33am
*yawn* mornin'...
Super Shaolin
Sep 17, 13 9:47am
People discuss my favorite games back in the day... so maybe I should share what I want to say... :)
Super Shaolin
Sep 16, 13 2:56pm
So, uh.... does anyone know if there's a link to signing people's guestbooks like in the old days????
Super Shaolin
Sep 16, 13 2:33pm
Much better, there's my pic. :)
Super Shaolin
Sep 16, 13 2:16pm
I need to upload a profile pic....
Super Shaolin
Sep 13, 13 7:38am
Only one person seems to remember me after my 5-year hiatus... I wonder if anyone else recognizes me?
Super Shaolin
Sep 12, 13 8:44am
Hmmm..... it's been years..... o_o

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