Sunshine Dream
Jul 14, 15 4:11am
Is it weird that I can read Wingdings like it's a normal font?
Sunshine Dream
Dec 5, 14 2:51am
What does it mean, "the proper permissions"?
Sunshine Dream shared a forum thread
Nov 13, 14 1:12am

Title says it all, really. So I guess I'll start with one that my dad found today in race 3 of the GT Kart Championship 1

Sunshine Dream
Nov 7, 14 4:29am
Sunshine Dream
Oct 1, 14 5:41am
All I know is I hope Jessica can sort things out with both GG and SM. That's all I know. I will say no more.
Sunshine Dream
Sep 4, 14 4:44am
Recently got my hands on a copy of Tekken 3... and I *bleep*ING HATE TEKKEN FORCE MODE.
Sunshine Dream
Jun 11, 14 2:18am
Welp! Looks like I have a reason to get a PS4 now!
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