I think I'mma have to get this one in one format or another read more

I have to agree with Sophia. The starter set is a little disappointing visually, with the possible exception of the... read more

Ooh, another KH games for DS? Little disappointed that BbS is PSP exclusive (at least for the moment), but looking... read more

SA and SA2 were great games when they were first released. I have no idea why they're rereleasing the original if... read more

I love the teaser list. A few are keyboard heavy with less guitar than I'd expect, but great songs nonetheless. read more

It boggles my mind why ftp games end up making more money than ptp games. If the game is worth it, I'll pay the... read more

Either "Grey" or "Red All Over" . . .

They both look like dragon types to me. Ought to be interesting, having a dark... read more

Eggman is his original japanese name. Why mess with that? read more

I belive Apple will give the big N a run for its money, but that's just better for us. Either Apple will step up... read more

Yes, but they were GBA titles. The GBA is a dead system, now that the DSi has come out lacking a GBA slot. They... read more

I doubt they'll redo Kanto. IIRC, there is very little if anything at all from the Kanto generation that you... read more

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Hells yeah, bring it to the US! Bring on Zero! read more

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The bigger screens aren't necessary, I kinda like the bigger"ness" of it, . . . I guess they can't figure out a Wii... read more

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