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I've been browsing around neoseeker for a good few years now, starting off with another account in 2007, I've almost been around, off and on, for 4 years. The first 2 years, being a usual visit per day, but after that, I'd only come on once or twice every while, and I can't believe how much it's changed.

I can definitely see that this forum has become quieter, I remember back in 2007, most forums would have posts every second, and every forum full of General Discussions, but now this is a rare sight to see. I kinda miss the old neoseeker, all the old face's I used to know, but hardly anyone I know still goes on this site, and to be honest, I haven't actually properly spoken to anyone on neoseeker for ages....

It's a bit odd though, it seems that every member I see these day's has been a member since 2009, and rarely see the new members.

So, basically, Im thinking, maybe neoseeker has involved even more, to an even better site, but who knows, I just know that neoseeker has changed so much, that maybe it's time for a new generation of members, but I'll never forget my time's here, and I miss my friend's allot.



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Sarvani > All :o
I Love You Skye<3
I Love You Skye<3
is trying to finish far cry 2 D:
is trying to finish far cry 2 D:

Well, my first week back at school is almost over, and I gotta say, it's been awful. Firstly, Maths, the teacher, is terrible, he doesn't teach us anything, rushes explanations, and when people shout out, which is like, a group of 5 people, the same people, he know's who it is, but they never get in trouble, and yet, if someone else does, then It's automatic detention, It just doesn't make sense.

Second, I've been tired, I can hardly concerntrate in most classes, and i cba tbh, its so boring.

Hopefully thing's will look up soon.


school musingsthoughts

Well, to make a better blog post, I thought I'd blog about how life's going, It's surprisingly going well, at the start of the year, my life was going crap, I was in a dead end relationship, struggling a bit with school, and just generally everything was going wrong, but, it seems things are going quite good. I've dumped my old girlfriend, and got a new one, she's perfect, and well, I love her allot<3 :3
Although, my hotmail, facebook, and neo account were hacked, im quite happy, I like this account better than my old one, it looks much better, and I don't look as much as a noob as i used to.

musingsthoughts life

Well; on Easter, my msn and facebook have been hacked. Msn actually helped me ban my old msn account that was hacked, so it couldn't be misused, but, facebook was very unhelpful. After messaging them about it, they replied, tried to help, then they sent me an e-mail, to change my password, but for my new facebook account, and not the one that was hacked, and then refused to help further. I was outraged as the hacker has messed with my facebook, completely.

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