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Apr 23, 10 6:55am
Subtle Demise
Aug 16, 09 5:35pm
is starving, and waiting for family to arrive
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Dec 22, 08 8:54am

So I got my hands on Phantasy Star Zero before it was supposed to even come out in Japan and I'll be showing you guys what it's like. I like it so far, despite having no clue what anything says. Here's a quick look at character creation. There's not much in the way of customization but maybe there'll be more options for clothing and stuff later on in the game.

Use this link if the NeoVideo won't load:

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Subtle Demise
Apr 1, 07 2:26pm
Has some blemishes on cartridge. SuperMarioWorld
Subtle Demise
Apr 1, 07 8:36am
Scratched up a bit and label is a litlte worn, but still works perfectly. TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast
Subtle Demise
Apr 1, 07 8:26am
Doesn't seem to work. Contact by e-mail for details. SNESHardware

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