Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Hello, Hello.
Im back, I was off for a whole, But I'm back. Just thought I might drop in and say Hi :] It said I need to fill 25 more characters, so , how's life?

Happy Saint Valentine's Day, David. I love you so much. Mwah!

Love is crazy and free,
And your love will always be close to me.
Whether we laugh or fight,
Everything will always be alright,
Cause I know I have you every-night.
No matter what they say or do,
I will always love you.
Happy Saint Valentines Day!
I love you forever and always,

Merry Christmas David! Thanks for helping me out when I need it most. :3

Your a really great friend that I'll always remmeber, so never forget me please. I would send you some snow but it might melt, so *gives a cookie instead* :]
I've made myself a stamp and I'm stamping eveyone's book with it!

Cool, right?

It's Molly and Mica!!!
Sort of.... Haha!!

I love you so much,
hope you enjoy this and the story I sent you.
I will always be there for you.
Love ya always!!!!!!

I would have used the markup tag but it doesn't work well for me... Sorry but at least I signed.

    I know the title says two days to late but its three days late, rymed more =]

    Anyways, Just sighing books. Keep up being awesome.

hi david you are the first person that im stamping,, i also wanted to say that you are an amazing member and a realy nice friend
heres my stamp


Im currently on a stamping spree so here ^o^.

You've been stamped by me... You better happy about it!! Jk ^.^.
I wanted this to be new banner,
but I can't get it to meet the right file size. So now it's gracing your guestbook.
Be happy, I worked really hard on this.
Ok I didn't, but still be happy.
I love you, my own version of perfect!
Love you so, so much.
Forever and always and longer than that.

thought to stop by and sign your gbook hope you like the stamp

Sorry, it's not that good.
Hope you like it.

Dear Subaru7,

Happy New Year. We reached a total of 116 PMs and I can honestly say you were one of my fastest friends. Best of luck in the new year buddy. Take comfort in the fact you have me as a friend.

As Many LOLs for the new year as possible.
As Many Good RPing For The New Year.
As Many Good Poems As Possible.

Welcome the new year!


Have the BEST new year EVER!!!

Luff yoo!!!! Stay my writing buddy plz.

No Problem... I'm trying. lol Anyways... because you left me a stamp I guess I should return it.

Hi! Hope your well. ^^
I'm sorry for the late stamping. I just saw your stamp today.
This was made specially for you...since you were the only one who gave time to stamp my guestbook for Christmas. Thanks.


Happy Holidays!!

<3 Crissa


Sorry it's late but I couldn't get on to the computer yesterday!


My "stamp"
I left it late to get one.

meluv ^_____^
I guess I should sign your guest book so umm yeah, here u go


Merry Christmas Subaru!!! Hope you have a good one.
Thanks for being there when I needed an ear and remember, I'll always be there to listen to you.
Thanks for helping with the Power Ranger and Hen'itai rps. ^__^

My special Morlyn stamp. Only Morlyn has ginger hair.

See you around
Thanks for signing my guestbook! And stamping it too!

So i will sign your's too!
You are really good at R.P.
And thanks for sending me so many links!
Thankyou for signing my guestbook! [And for the happy birthday! =3]

Crazy Kid. Don't leave new or Somthing bad will happen, i casted my voodoo on you already. Sike! Anyways,
Happeh signin
Today wuz mah birfday!