About me... Not much too it. I'm your average 15 year old. I have a girlfriend, wear designer clothes or whatever they're called. (Hollister, Aero, etc.)I am a hardcore gamer. Major Star Wars fan, first three episodes are best, mostly 3 though. Don't take me as a nerd cause I'm not... Halo seroes, COD 4, and Mass Effect are my top 5 games though i'm waiting for the new Star Wars game. Uhh pretty much all about me. Add me on MSN idc add me on myspace if you want. Search for Drake Gutzler around my zip code or use my homepage link. Guess thats all. Later


Yo, Drake here. I suppose you would think of me as a little 4 year old with the Username and all. I'm not. I'm 15 and i was pretty much in my little nerd phase when i picked the gay name. I may act like a kid but i'm not. So don't treat me like one.

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