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May 17, 09 5:23pm

What if during Christmas eve you tried to sneak downstairs to the livingroom and peek at your presents and you saw your pops playing X-Box live rocking only a santa hat,a gun holster with a knife in it and baby shoes. This ni@@a is playing Call of Duty 4, when all of a sudden he press pause and looks out the window and screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!" .So you run upstairs to look out your window to see what's going on, so you take off the sock from around your ding a ling that you jerk off in and look out the window to see mad Hebrew ni@@as surrounding ya moms who was butt naked wearing sky blue hightop Shaqs with taps under them (cause she's a tap dancer at halftime of every And 1 tournament) and tied to a sled. Yo you see mad Hebrew ni@@as slapping this bytch with lit Kwanzaa candles screaming "*bleep* Santa Claus!!!!!!!!", all of a sudden you feel someone come from under your legs and dip your ding a ling in a cup of hot egg nog and kiss the tip. But you look down and no one is there so you quickly look out of the window and everyone is gone, so you run back downstairs and see you pops still playing the game. What would you do?

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