This is the first time I've participated in any kind of chat room or stuff lik e that on the net. I've never been interested in...uh, what is it? "Em Es En"? "Eye see cue", and especially not MySpace. I don't understand what's so great about MySpace. I don't want to try it lest I become addicted too! I used to be inside IRC a lot, but that was years ago. I generally pity those guys that spend their whole lives in "Second Life" or World of Warcraft.

So, I generally here to discuss FF8, I'd only be interested in other boards if I was playing that relevant game. FF8 has been a large part of my childhood, and has sentimental value for

I'm generally kind, I think I'm a natural leader and I'm not afraid to say what I really think (although I've been holding back understandably here if there's the slightest chance it would hurt someone - not that I'm one of those people that seems to pride themselves on being a dickhead or anything). I often try to make sure I'm not TOO nice, I feel it shows weakness and fear, not very masculine, and rather make sure I remain strong, energetic and exurberant (whoa, I think about this way too much..perhaps.). So I try to make sure I'm more of a man than just the "World's Nicest Guy". I'm 18 by the way, and at the age where I think about this kind of thing a lot. But even then I think it's important for men of any age...right?

Anyway, I'm naturally a happy, bubbly, quirky kind of person. I'm not self-conscious about anything, and act and do what I think young men are meant to act and do, not what anyone or anything else says.

And if I hang around for a long time, I'd like to be moderator for the FF8 discussion board too.

Strunz and Farah are a classical guitar duo, yeah my name sucks and I want to change it, but that's proably not a good idea.


Um...I enjoy most console style RPGs, flight simulators and particulary adventure games (like the Monkey Island games). Any game with lots of adventure, fantasy and engrossing storyline.

I like to read all types of fiction really. Proabably the best book I ever read was "Eagle In The Sky" by Wilbur Smith (I don't really like his other stuff). I'm reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" at the moment.

So yeah, I like fighter planes and also my main interest is music. I'm an avid guitar player. Check out Al di Meola! I like all styles of music really but my fave is jazz-rock fusion, "latin" and world music. Also, check out Hiromi Uehara, Japanese jazz pianist.
I don't like pop music at all, any stuff that's on the charts...I dunno, it just makes me sad. Makes me think about how screwed up the world is.

I'm learning Japanese at the moment, and of course, I'm interested in anime. I'm into Sailor Moon at the moment!

I'm also interseted in ballroom dance and drama, and I can write program code...

My major guitar influences:
Al di Meola
Steve Vai
Eric Johnson
Bill Nelson
Hiromi Uehara (she doesn't play guitar but I love her songwriting, and she's got this guitarist in her group on her latest album who's just amazing.)

In the tradition of "The Sound of Music", my favourite thing in the world might be sakura!


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