So I just got my carpenter to creator and i want to make a metor axe that is divine, so i looked i need goddess bead and an o

Offering: KB Shinys 6iv Vivillon | Modest | Polar 5iv Noivern | Timid w/ Infiltrator 5iv Axew | Jolly w/ Mold breaker

I got a box & a half of eggs that i collected over the course of my playtime. Inside of them are most likely Egg Move Pok

So im trying to get a grassy terrain to pass down to a bulbasaur but nothing works. I lvled up gloom to 56 she learned it but

I'm looking as the title says nature or ivs dont matter, I've got quite a few (see list below) Aipom - Jolly - Tai

I'm looking for 2+ egg move pokemon that I don't have (My list is short). They don't have to be 5-6iv but preferr

As title says, if they are legit pokemon in moon balls will they pass through or no?

I'm looking for: Meadow Tundra Icysnow Archipelgo HIgh Planes Sandstorm River Monsoon Sun Ocean I can tra

I can offer a 5iv shiny female timid espurr. (I know you can't obtain it in pokemon x/y, I just don't got pokemon

So I'm trying to teach Solar Beam to vulpix but it says she can't learn it but on a strategy guide i use online says

As title says. I been trying to lvl up growlithe to 41 to get but never did so any1 know, or does any1 have.

I bought pokemon bank awhile back and I wanted to know if i reset my 3ds to factory settings would it still be there or would

Kalos born shinies 5iv Timid Froakie 6iv Impish Chespin 6iv Modest Vulpix 5iv Timid Espurr 3iv Tangela 5iv

I need: A B C E F H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ! ? I have: D G I can offer other things besides those,

I want to see watermellons, blueberries, or tangerines. I also hope that they would make them have different abilities to th

Vulpix: Female, Timid with drought 5iv - atk or 6iv Furfrou- Female, Jolly 5iv -spatk or 6iv

Ledendary Shinies 6iv Zapdos 6 iv Lugia w/ Multiscale 6iv Latias 6iv Latios 6iv Genesect 6iv Ho-Oh 6iv Darkrai 1iv

Fennekin - Modest/Timid 5-6ivs Chespin- Adamant/Impish w/ bulletproof 5-6ivs Froakie- Timid w/ protean

So awhile back in pokemon black v2 I got a Manectric & it's in a Event pokeball I was wondering what event was this e

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