Principality Stregom
Feb 14, 07 9:04am
Hey there!

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day


.:Matt Addison:.
Principality Stregom
Feb 27, 04 12:39am
Hey, I just realised you had signed my guestbook and I thought I'd return the favour. I admit it's not easy being gay/bisexual, but stick it out. It may be a hard life, but it is a beautiful one. Good luck.
Koloth Stregom
Jan 22, 04 12:57am
So whats a comuter? I have heard of commuters and computers, but never have I read of these comuters.

Well as my profiles says yes I love my computers. I basically have centered my career around them, programmer. Unfortunately I now have to go back to school and start over. Blasted economy, but I'll just go across from software to hardware so no big deal.
Ellone Stregom
Jan 7, 04 10:11pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook Stregom! *salutes* Here's mah stamp!

Hope to see you around very soon! =)
dtimmy14 Stregom
Oct 3, 03 5:16pm
hi stregom i just want to say thanks for singing my guest book so i thought id sign yours. so once again thanks and see you around sometime
Shaharazhad Stregom
Aug 16, 03 5:17am
Really.....I have no idea on who you are I haven't really seen you around the forums at all......

Meh, I'm still signing your GB though.

You asked about my poems, hope you liked em.

Not much to say....

Guess I'll stamp it now.

donpablo Stregom
Oct 23, 02 10:23pm
hey its me again
im sorry im signing twice, but im jus forgot to put lol jk at the end and just wanted to make sure you know i was kiddin so you wont be mad or sumthin! cya!

the don of the smilies
donpablo Stregom
Oct 14, 02 12:00am
im the first to sign your guestbook!!
will you sign mine?? thanx if you do!! you suck if you dont!!!

the don of the smilies!!