Sep 10, 12 8:45pm
Got 51 out of 50 silver keys on this! lol Fable2
Sep 9, 12 11:50pm
Completed, with over 200 shinys all legit! PokemonWhiteVersion
Sep 9, 12 11:45pm
I am back on and i will be contributing codes to pokemon games!
Apr 26, 12 11:09pm
For any pokemon fan, im looking for the extreamly rare legit "Wish Chansey"! Just need to clone it!
Apr 17, 12 11:47am
Getting there, almost done! PokemonWhiteVersion
Apr 16, 12 11:58pm
Well i used to own this, it was already used, had every pokemon at lv.100! PokemonGreenImport
Apr 16, 12 11:49pm
My first Pokemon game and not my last! I still have my very first Charizard that i named Charlie! Got it on my 8th birthday, now im 22! lol PokemonRed
Apr 16, 12 11:45pm
I got my first shiny on here, the starter Totodile with only 3 SRs! PokemonGold
Apr 16, 12 11:44pm
The battery died in mine, would it be cheaper to buy a new game or to have a new battery put in the game? PokemonGold
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