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Jun 16, 10 2:41am

Common wild Pokemon with self destruct or explosion.


Pokemon that don't learn decent moves until level 67.

That is all

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Feb 18, 10 7:04am

Here we are again. I'm sitting here, once again shaking my head at what loungin' shows me. But where I was angry in the last blog, I have none. I have no passion, I pay no malice to my fellow posters. I'm just disappointed. It's sad, it's people who try so hard and just don't hit it. They honestly want to be funny, I can see this, but they just aren't. Before you call me out on not being funny, let me say I don't actually try at all. But these kids, and they are just kids, put so much effort. They honestly put in their best, but they rolled the die and got snake eyes.

I don't know why it happens. Is it because they try so hard? Possibly, putting to much effort into something like humor that must come naturally can be disastrous. Are they just honestly not funny people? I don't think so, very few people are just not funny, as most people can produce a laugh or two.

In the end I decided they are just going against what comes natural. Instead of using what works for them, they try to do what the internet does. The internet as a single entity has a very particular and actually quite hard to repeat sense of humor, along with it not actually being very funny. It's funny in the "wow that's sad and pathetic" way, but in actual laughs it's got few people.

I love it here, but it gets harder every day.

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Oct 19, 09 12:26am

Especially you people who try too hard to be funny. You make me want to *bleep* babies.

Basically I'm talking about the teadrinkers, the drakeslayed, the aquadragons and the like. You all make my physically sick.

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Jun 12, 09 11:08pm

Have you noticed how unoriginal I am? I have a Pokemon banner, a Team fortress 2 avatar, a CT from a movie, and I stole my name from a *bleep* guy on newgrounds/a 60's psychedelic rock band. Even my personality I pretty much use a combo of 4chan and several internet reviewers.

I should really think about changing a few things, shouldn't I?

Oh, and Donnie Darko is a horrible movie.
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Jun 6, 09 4:01am

I was going to a local chain of grocery stores for something for dinner a few days ago. You have to go through these automatic doors to get in to it, but not the sliding kind, but those ones that open inwards. So anyway, I'm about to walk in when BAM, I slam right into the automatic door. After so many year sof having these things, I was put off when they wouldn't open. I push and push, but to no effect, this door is not moving. I stop a few times around it to see if I can make it go, but nothing works. SO I go all the way around to another set of doors, same kind, and manage to get in. I'm about to report to the desk about there door problem when I see someone go through the very doors that denied me. I go through the door next to it (the OUT door, they are very specific. There is one OUT door and one IN door on each side of the building) and try to go through the IN door. It lets me in. This leads me to wonder what the hell was going on with the door not 2 minutes earlier. After a few seconds pass I disregard it and go buy something.

On my way out, I went through the OUT door and rammed right into it, once again denied by a door. I instantly called shenanigans on the whole deal, and stormed off in a huff.

In a closing question, don't you hate when technology seems out to get you?

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Jun 5, 09 5:36am

I recently opened a new box of these delicious peanut butter and nut bar thing. I can literally go though boxes of them at a time, I love these things so much. Anyways, I reach for one, and immediately I know something is wrong. The bar in there is not nearly big enough for the wrapper it's in, it's actually only filling around 2/3 of the wrapper. Thinking it's a mistake or something, I eat it and reach for another delicious treat. To my horror it is yet again too small. I eat it and then go find a older box I had in my room and took out one of the stale bars. Sure enough, it filled the entire wrapper, the proper size.

I ran down the hall and checked the other two boxes I had in the cabinet. These new boxes have the same small bars. I was infuriated at this development, not only are they smaller but a box costs a dollar more them it used to. I am most unhappy about this and will no longer be eating these morsels.

So, have you ever had a similar experiance?

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