Aciph3x Stratocast
Jul 06, 04 7:00am
Google ™
Aciph3x Stratocast
Apr 10, 04 11:47pm
Arse Bandit...
Sgt Tooth Stratocast
Mar 16, 04 9:21am
hey, you signed my guestbook,now it's my turn

hey dude, creative name

lalalala, hey look a squirrel!

*runs away chasing a squirrel*
Elite Stratocast
Nov 08, 03 4:56am
ha, liked your willful signing in my guestbook , so here is a message from me (not everyday someone gets the privalage of being signed by me ): Hello... lol
BradSK Stratocast
Nov 07, 03 2:21am
yay! now i will sign back.thanx for signing mine!

extremeev1 Stratocast
Nov 05, 03 3:51am
cool teddybear
Golden Miru warrior Stratocast
Nov 04, 03 8:36am
So, 3 days and no one's signed? You've gotten around, I guess. Nice neoname, by the way...

So, have a nice day.