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Mar 13, 14 1:42am

I was kind of disappointed to find out that the dragon only gives out 1,000 gald instead of 10,000 like in the GameCube versi

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Mar 9, 14 5:50pm

Somehow I triggered a glitch that caused the exit from the middle area of the mine to not work. I thought we were going to ha

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Jan 13, 14 1:39pm

About fifteen minutes ago, tekmosis apparently posted a thread in Site News and Announcements, and I got an email telling me

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Dec 23, 13 1:45am

By "story mode" I pretty much mean everything before defeating the Elite Four. Maybe I'm just getting sick

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Dec 21, 13 6:50pm

You've probably all seen the fanart gallery in the basement hosted by Ventuswill's human form, but I'm marking th

Nov 27, 13 9:47pm
Want to change my username, but I can't think of anything else....
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