Jul 09, 15 2:18am
And so begins the anxious waiting for more Arkham Knight content...
Oct 17, 13 11:56pm
2380-2508-4222 : 3DS friend code
May 07, 13 3:19pm
Ubisoft just lost all respect points.
Storm shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Sep 18, 12 3:57pm

Remember that amazing Dead Island CG debut trailer? Well, Dead Island Riptide has a touching CG trailer of its...

Storm shared a news (@chautemoc)
Aug 14, 12 1:02pm

The new Dante featured in DmC may be offputting, but luckily your old buddy Vergil will be in there, too. Judging...

Storm shared a blog post (@Darknet)
Aug 11, 12 3:01am

When I say Prince of Persia, I mean Prince of Persia 2008. Before I go on, let me give you give...

Jun 16, 11 2:16am
The calm before the...
Storm shared a news (@leochan)
Jan 31, 11 10:59pm

Sony has thrown down the gauntlet against Nintendo's 3DS hype train with the explosive reveal of their...

Storm shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Dec 12, 10 6:56am

Okay, we all saw this coming: Mass Effect 3 has been officially announced this evening at the...

Storm shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Nov 18, 10 12:41am

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=277] Early this morning, EA sent out a single image, calling it a teaser...

Storm shared a news (@Reenee)
Nov 16, 10 11:38pm

Those who spring for the Marvel vs Capcom 3 Collector's Edition will get two extra playable fighters headed their...

Storm shared a news (@Reenee)
Oct 22, 10 5:09am

Team Fortress 2's "Mann-conomy" update has served a substantial payday for those who contributed...

Storm shared a news (@chautemoc)
Sep 16, 10 6:57pm

The next installment in the Ninja Gaiden saga -- Ninja Gaiden 3 -- is official. Little or nothing is known about...

Nov 04, 09 5:54am
is doing the usual...panicking over midterms.
Dec 28, 06 7:41pm
Almost as good as OoT. TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess GC
Dec 26, 06 1:12pm
My ultimate reason for soon buying a Wii. SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
Dec 26, 06 1:08pm
It's a good DBZ game, but I still prefer B3. DragonBallZBudokaiTenkaichi2 PS2

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